“Be Strong” A Phrase That Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do When You Are Broken

Be Strong. You can say it to so many people and walk away feeling you have achieved something.

Be Strong. Two words that can make you smile because you know you have helped.

Be Strong. What if you don’t want to be?

Be Strong. What if you don’t know how to be?

Be Strong. So easy to say. Sometimes so hard to do.

Be Strong. What if you have tried that and failed?

Being strong isn’t all that you can do. Having the strength to go on when everything around you is saying “it’s okay, no-one will be surprised if you want to give in.” Being strong is just the start. You need faith as well. I don’t mean religious faith, although that wouldn’t go amiss. You need faith that it will work out. Mother Teresa once said:

I know God won’t give anything I can’t handle,
I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Terror On The Track – An Ongoing Horror Story


Every week a photo is used to create a piece of fiction in about 200 words If you want to have a go, then take a look HERE.

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I am doing a multi prompt story, using the prompts from different sources. So far I have used Sunday Photo Fiction, Jeremy’s Daily Challenge and Friday Fictioneers. Click on each link to see other challenges from these places.

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77 09 September 14th 2014


Gripping the carving knife tightly, Ciona descended the stairs. After a few steps, she turned and looked behind her, unsurprised at seeing the staircase going up into the distance. Turning around to look forward, she found herself at the base of the steps. She glanced over her shoulder and gave a humourless laugh when a wall was the only thing behind her. She started heading through the mass of pipes, cogs and handles, carefully avoiding the ones ejecting steam.

The scream filled the air again, and Ciona took an involuntary step backwards and caught her foot on something. Looking down, she found a train track on stones and rocks. She tried to run away when it started vibrating and felt her right foot catch under the track. She tried pulling it free, and felt her left foot sink into the stones. The train rounded the corner and Ciona tried twisting her ankle to ease it out, but her hands would not come off the stones. Frantically, she tried wiggling her foot to free it, but the rail kept tightening its hold on her.

Hands gripped her under the arms and yanked her out just as the train roared past.

Time Out Can Make Even The Worst Chores Seem Bearable

Taking time out for yourself can make a world of difference. Just a relax for five minutes. I was talking to someone this morning, and we were talking about stress and how sometimes people smoke to relieve the tension. I gave up smoking 8½ years ago, and she gave up smoking 20 years ago. I said that I think how this works, is not so much the nicotine, but what you do with the cigarette. You take a deep breath in, and then a long breath out with your first puff. In essence, you are expelling the tension. I am not saying that you should smoke to get rid of the tension, and I am not saying you should quit smoking (although it may not be good for you), but the act of the deep breathing is what counselors tell you to do when you need to expel tension or bad feelings.

Taking five minutes, ten if necessary can give you the smiles needed to tackle to jobs that need doing again.

Sorry if this is disjointed, I have re-installed Windows on my Laptop and not everything is working properly yet.

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