Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 34

I had a choice as to what to use as my photo this week, but as I went to the end of the Prince of Wales Pier near me, I decided to use one of the photos I took there. Some of the views from the pier are incredible. You can see the castle in all its glory, and the White Cliffs of Dover look spectacular. I decided to use one I took of a lighthouse though as I liked the way it looked.

2015 Week 34

August Daily Photo Challenge – August 16 – A Light Source With A Starburst Effect

I took a fair few photos of this using different light sources – the sun, living room chandelier, dining room chandelier, lava lamp (didn’t work) wall lights, lamps. All using a star burst filter. Then I remembered the effect of the lighthouse when put on a ten second timer. I decided to go with that one.

August 16 2015 Light Source With a Starburst Pattern

Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 33

Near where I live, they are pulling down buildings in order to make way for a shopping centre and a six screen cinema. Two things this town needs desperately. It is one of the entrances to this country and the first thing people see when they come here is boarded up shops and hotels, who’s going to want to stay in a place like that? So there is a regeneration process. Where they have removed some land, they found ruins. Now an archaeological trust has set up shop there for a while. They have found ruins dating back to the 1300s.

This well is from the 1600s, and as you can see from the tab, it is 6-10 metres deep. I wasn’t allowed to get any closer to take a better shot due to health and safety.

2015 Week 33

August Daily Photo Challenge – August 15 – Flower From Below

This was a difficult shot to take as I had to use guesswork in taking the photo. I had to hold the camera pointing up, looking the lens to see where the poppy was in relation to it, and then take the shot. Needless to say, I have some photos of just a quarter of the flower, focus on the stem, me in the way, and several out of focus. This one didn’t come out too badly though.

August 15 2015 Flower From Underneath

August 15 2015
Flower From Underneath