I Am A Lighthouse Rather Than A Lifeboat …

… I guide the way to shore rather than rescuing.

I cannot pull people onto a boat. I can show where there are rocks.

I cannot pull people ashore. I can show where there is land.

I cannot tell you if this is the right land. I can only show it is out of the water.

I am a lighthouse. And sometimes I need my bulb changing as well.

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Christina ~ (Blog)

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Sue Fitzmaurice, Author
Back Towards Light

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Everything Was Impossible … Until Somebody Did It

They said flying was impossible; nobody would be able to do it.

They said going into space was impossible; Gagarin went there.

They said landing on the moon was impossible; Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins did it.

They said you couldn’t do it. Prove them wrong. Show them that you are capable of achieving great things. Show them you are better than they think you are. Show them they are wrong about you. Show them you are you.

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Back Towards Light

Christina ~

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