A Photo A Day … December 24 2013

I have been exceptionally busy today. Too busy to even get my camera out. I did take a few shots with my iPhone, but none that I am overly happy with. This one is the best of a bad lot. I did contemplate using a wet rose from earlier in the month, but felt it was too far back to be able to be used.

When I was out today, I saw the damage that this storm had done. I had already woken late due to being without power for a few hours during the night and the alarm clocks not working. There were shards of tree everywhere. Thick branches, huge chunks. A couple of shops were closed due to flooding. The port hadn’t long reopened as it was closed due to the weather.

All I can say is, that I hope the weather clears and that people can have the most fantastic Christmas possible.

December 24 2013

11 thoughts on “A Photo A Day … December 24 2013

  1. Looking at the News last night and this morning….it does look as if a good number of folk are not going to have a very happy Christmas. Flooded homes must be one of the worst events to tackle and overcome. It will be a Christmas to remember….But not for the right reasons. Stay safe.

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