Where’s Santa?

If you want to have a bit of fun this Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day as it is in New Zealand) then you can track him.

For the past sixty years, NORAD (NORth American Air Defence Command) has been tracking him due to a simple mistake. Sear Roebuck and Company (now Sears) printed a phone number on where to contact Santa. Unfortunately, the number given, was that of NORAD instead of Santa. The colonel in charge realised what had happened, so started telling the children where he was according to the radar.

Now, with the internet, you can follow where he is and where he has been. Google has also jumped in on the act, so you have two ways that you can find him.

You can find NORAD tracks Santa – HERE

NORAD Tracks Santa

And you can find Google Santa Tracker – HERE

Google Santa Tracker


36 thoughts on “Where’s Santa?

  1. When I was a kid. It might of been the last night I believed in Santa. We had a radio DJ Wolfman Jack. He was giving us Santa location up dates. But being a rock station and a snowy Christmas eve. Santa got stuck. Had to stop a d feed the reindeer’s. He ate at some diner and was sick. With m every sightseeing I had my face stuck to the window looking for Santa. Needless to say with all the problems he was having, I was afraid Santa wasn’t going to show up. Sorry for errors kindle is acting up.

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