Sunday Photo Fiction – The Christmas Fairies

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction photo prompt with a photo used as the basis of a story of around 100-200 words.



39 12 December 22nd 2013

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The Christmas Fairies

The tree sat in the corner where it sat every year. The baubles placed exactly perfect, and the tinsel draped into the places to make it look professional.

Oswald grinned at the job he had made of the tree. Proud that he placed everything without his mum asking him to. He found it odd that every time he placed a bauble or piece of tinsel, when he looked back, he found it somewhere else. Although at the age of five, he thought it very magical.

As Oswald looked up at the top of the tree whilst holding the Star Tree Topper, he noticed a bauble move as if blowing in the wind. He laid the topper between the branches and looked at the bauble. There seemed to be something inside it.  He went to grab the topper and found it gone. Looking up, it sat perfectly at the top. Oswald grinned. His mum told him the Christmas fairies did not exist. Now he knew they did.

The bauble moved again, and this time he touched it.

Six weeks later, the news still covered the mystery disappearance of Oswald Hill, child number seven of twenty-five to vanish in December.


49 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Christmas Fairies

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  2. i understand the need for the warning, but based on my experience with your work I do not foresee a grisly ending to this tale. Even if that were true I am sure you will handle it with the care it is due.

    • Thanks. I didn’t want it to go on for too long as I think a few readers were a little distressed by the fact that children had gone missing

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  4. I like the uncertain ending. It makes me wonder what happened to him. So is he a fairy now, or did he get trapped in the ornament? Maybe he’s in a better place. Nice story. :)

  5. You have to find Oswald Al, for me? Please!!! It wasn’t distressing, you write so well, tingling the senses and wondering what is or could have been… Oswald would be found eh? :)

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