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It’ll be a week tomorrow since Rara went to jail.  Since then I’ve received an abundance of support.  It was recently pointed out to me that in the first few hours, we had a donation button that wasn’t working (at all, in any way, it didn’t process any donations).  It was through stripe.com, and we switched to Paypal, which was and is working.

On that note, I know what it is to just not have the money, but still want to support.  Well, some of you might know we have a Redbubble Shop, there are a lot of geeky things there, and if you’re readers or even you might think any of it’s cool, it would be very help if you shared it on a social media platform.  But wait there’s more.  I also made these, for those who want to wear their support:

Bronto Love

Also a sticker. Also a sticker.


And the sticker. And the…

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