Sunday Photo Fiction – Lovers

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Darren sat staring out the window, thinking about his husband. They married the day after the law changed allowing same-sex marriage, and they had been happy ever since. Or so he thought. Gerry had left him – for a woman! How could he do that? After all, they had been through, fighting against the church, against the government, against their neighbours, even their families. Gerry had been perfect for him with his caring and sensitive attitude. But now? Now he lived with a woman, but not just any woman. Darren’s sister.

As he watched a squirrel grabbing nuts from the bird feeder, he knew he had to let Gerry go. He felt Gerry and his sister should be able to be together forever, and he now accepted that. As the squirrel started to escape, a kite swooped in and grabbed it in its sharp talons. A humourless chuckle escaped him as he looked down at the revolver in his gloved hands. He then placed it into his sister’s hand as she lay on the floor in a pool of her own blood. He glanced over at Gerry’s corpse before walking out, ready to be shocked when he discovered the lovers.

Friday Fictioneers – The Wrong House (ReRun)

Every week Rochelle gives us a photo as a prompt to write a story in 100 words or less. 12th October is a Jewish holy day – Yom Kippur, so Rochelle has rerun a photo from April 2013. As soon as I saw the image I remembered it, and the outline of the story I wrote. It was the third flash fiction story I had ever written, and the third in the Raynard series, although at this time, we had no name for him. So I thought I would rerun that story.

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I have rewritten the story to update it slightly as my writing style has changed since then.



He stood in the house he thought was hers, plotting his next move. The unusual thing about this building was the lack of electricity, but the oil lamps would help with his plan. He could feel the garlic in the spice rack through the seal, and it made his skin crawl.

The dead woman in the hallway was not his target, but he had bled her completely dry to send a message that could not be ignored. It would not be long until there would be nowhere left to hide.

Knocking the lamp over, he walked away whispering “Soon …”

Book Review – Shadeward: Emanation

I read – and reviewed – Elite: Reclamation recently by Drew Wagar. After reading that, I thought I would try another of his books. The one I picked up was the first in a trilogy, all with the prefix Shadeward. When I read the title, I read it was as ShadeWARD – as in the ward of a hospital. Reading it though, it is more of a directional word as in Eastward.

The book is set on a planet of endless day that is devoid of technology, and history is rumours. Calling creatures by other names, and just giving slight information on them so they are accepted as the norm and not out of place. With just a sentence or two, you can see what a flit is, you understand the carn and the herg. You can understand the time and measurement systems from the outset, and how they are implemented.

The book is set around three main characters, two females and a male. Kiri is an “only”, an orphan on the streets who has to fend for herself and looks after her friend Tia. They are treated like dirt by the nobility. Her life changes after an encounter with priestesses, and she realises there is something about her that makes her different. We watch as she grows from urchin into something more.

Meru is an apprentice timekeeper assigned to a fisher boat, but when a freak storm hits, he is the only survivor and is rescued by the crew of the Mobillis. A ship the likes of which he has never seen, with a crew on a journey of discovery. What he does discover, rocks his world to its foundations and everything he knows and accepts is no longer what he accepted or knew. I see some chemistry between him and another member of the crew.

Zoella is the youngest of the three protagonists and lives in a home where her “guardian” sent her to stay. She is mistreated by the other children and the overseer of the home. Like the other two, hr life is changed and she has to use everything she has learned to survive where it seems so many others want her dead for reasons she can’t comprehend.

The book slowly builds pace, with twists and turns that leave you breathless at times, and action scenes are well described. You can almost smell and see the backgrounds as they are explained, and all characters are believable, including the fleeting ones. Each of the main characters hold a secret, with a line here or there hinting at what it might be.

The book ends in a way to leave you wanting more, and I am so glad I have already brought the follow-up as it means I don’t have to wait long to carry on the story. If you have never read any of the books by Drew Wagar, this is as good a place as any to start. At times I am reminded of the Malazan books by Steven Erikson,

Meet Zoella, Kiri and Meru. Find out their secrets and read as they find things so unbelievable to them, that they question what they see at times.


Shadeward: Emanation ……………….. Amazon UK

Shadeward: Emanation ……………….. Amazon US

Sunday Photo Fiction – The Chase

Every week, a photo is used as a prompt for a 200 word photo fiction challenge. If you want to have a go, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the blue link below it.



His breathing became harder as he leant against the wall. He grimaced and clutched his chest as he tried to relax slightly. His pursuers were not far behind, and he knew there was little chance of escape.

Glancing around the room, he tried to find something he could use to escape. The area contained everything a standard room held – display case, lamp-stand, bookshelf, table, coffee cup, a window. Then an idea struck him. He did not like using his magic often as it ripped the veil slightly more each time, but he knew only that could save him now.

He heard people on the stairs behind him and started the incantation keeping his words steady even though every fibre in his body panicked. Less than a second after he uttered the final word, the door burst open and eight people piled in, tazers armed and they looked around the room.

The window opposite stood open, and the lead invader kicked at the table realising their prey escaped. Walking to the window, the target was seen running through an alley.

They leapt from the window, giving chase before realising it was a hologram. Back in the room, one book changed shape.