A Dog’s Purpose?

There is a film coming up this year called A Dog’s Purpose. When films with animals are made, they are done with people there to make sure the animals are not harmed or distressed in any way.

Do they mean physical harm or mental harm? Some film-makers will force their animals to do something they don’t want to. Some animals are put into a distressed position and forced to do something they are scared of.

Would we do that with a child? Would we force a five or six-year-old to do something they were terrified of?

Why do some film-makers think it is okay to do it to the animals. Then say no animal was harmed because no limbs broke. That animal may well be terrified of the position it was put in, and not go anywhere near that again, or even wet itself because of the terror it faced.

No animal should be harmed mentally or physically when put in a film. Use CGI if necessary. There are companies who can do that.


Sunday Photo Fiction – There’s Been A Murrderr

Every week a donated photo is used as a prompt to write a piece of flash fiction in around 200 words.

If you want to have a go, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the Inlinkz frog image.




“How did you kill her?” Constable Geralt asked the handcuffed Paul Curd. They sat in the second interview room in a Scottish police station, where Curd stood accused of the murder of a local prostitute. Curd admitted to being part of a Texas-based underground racing group called The Callous but denied their name meant anything to do with being murderous or criminal in any way other than the racing. He claimed the leader of the group spelled the name wrong, mistyping Callus.

“I didn’t,” Curd replied curtly. Geralt refused to believe him. He wanted someone to pay for the murder, and he chose his prisoner. He didn’t care whether Curd did it or not, he wanted a scapegoat.

“Give me an alibi then. One that can’t be refuted.”

“I was with my friend, Alice”

“What were you doing?”

“I watched the aurora borealis and drank from the phallus looking chalice in a palace with Alice with the callus talking malice on the phone with the Callous who are in Dallas.”

Geralt smiled. “Okay here’s a challenge for you.”

“Me?” asked Curd,

“No you idiot. I mean the person reading this. I want you to read that sentence out loud”

Friday Fictioneers -One Step

Every week, Rochelle gives us a donated to use as a prompt to write a story in around 100 words. The challenge causes you to edit so you can keep within the 100-word limit. Not as easy as it sounds.

If you want to have a go, then click on the link below the frog, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the frog first. All links open in new tabs.


Rodrigo stood at the edge of the platform. He could not cope anymore. His family was abusive to him, and he had no friends left, so life was not worth living. There was no reason to go on. At least stepping in front of a train was going to be quick and would be over in a split second.

He closed his eyes and stepped forward, just as a hand grabbed him, stopping him. Opening his eyes, there was no one there. The train passed, and he saw what the thought were wings on the other platform before vanishing.

Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

2016 has not been the best of years. Not by a long shot. It has been a very scary year if you were a celebrity, and with all the natural and mechanical disasters this year, it hasn’t been a good year if you were the average Jane or average Joe either.

So it is with a relieved breath that I say Goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017

To all of the people who read my blog – HAPPY NEW YEAR

To all the people who don’t read my blog – Happy New Year although you won’t see this.