Le Clown is starting Bl0ggers for Movember which is an online campaign to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. This is a subject that is very close to me. My uncle lost his first wife to cancer a few years ago. He met someone new who he was going to marry, but unfortunately he lost her to cancer as well. A while after that, he met another woman, and now he is dying as a result of prostate cancer. When he was in hospital the last time, they spoke of getting married but were unsure when to do it. The hospital vicar suggested they do it that week.


My uncle is living on borrowed time at the moment. We all know it. He will be heading back up the country soon so he can spend his last days with his friends and children. I’m not saying I want the end to come quickly for him, I just want an end to his suffering.

Please support Le Clown’s Movember.


35 thoughts on “Movember

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  2. What a great campaign. While I want all cancer to be eradicated, it’s nice to see awareness for other cancers besides breast cancer (there’s so much awareness for that one that sometimes I think that all we care about are boobs). It would be great if all cancer research received the same funding. I’m really sorry to hear about your uncle– I hope the rest of his time is happy and peaceful.

  3. Sorry to read about your uncle Alastair and sending healing love and light to him… It is a difficult subject but a worthy cause and I’m on board…. Thanks for your share.

  4. Been there twice myself and stood by as so many friends crossed the river. So far I am certain I have ‘conquered’ as I am far too ‘ornery’: use a lot of Natural therapies and Chinese herbs and daily meditation . . . so far, so good . . . it’s been nine years now . . . My warmest thoughts travel the oceans > your family!

    • Thank you Eha, and I am glad that you have managed to beat yours off with a big stick. No mean feat. To lose so many friends though is never good

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Blue jellybeans and commented:
    This campaign is very close to me because my grandfather died of prostate cancer. Let’s show our support!
    Esta campaña es muy próxima mí porque mi abuelo murió de cáncer de próstata. ¡Mostremos nuestro apoyo!

  6. I was with my father when he died of bone cancer (the pain was horrific – the rest of the family had gone home to sleep) He squeezed my hand to say goodbye, Alastair and I do stay hopeful for a cure for this dread disease, warm and loving thoughts to you and your family. May your Uncles final days here be as pain free as possible! Penny

    • Thank you Penny. I know there is nothing that can be done for him, and sad as it is, I have accepted that. As you say though, hopefully his remaining time will be as pleasant as possible

      I am sorry about your father. At least he had someone with him when he went. Someone as caring as yourself.

      • It is a funny/sad story, I was never close to dad because of the early years, my two other sisters were, but we equally divided the time one of us would stay with him, I knew, I knew before I went over there (I called Christina because I just knew) and Duane popped her and the kids in the car, 4 hours away and drove straight down to be there with me. And sure enough about an hour after the other family members left it was over, me there not them, kind of funny how it worked out. It is okay, he lived a full life and I loved him, I wish for no one to have to go that way though.

  7. Oh, this is so sad. It breaks my heart. I’m so glad your uncle has had lots of love in his life.
    It doesn’t seem appropriate to give you an award at this time, but I already had planned to before I read your sad news.
    Thanks Alastair for the nice comments you leave on my site.

  8. So sad, sounds like a man with a lot of love to give, so tragic a chain of events. Love to him on his difficult journey.

  9. Alastair,
    Sorry to hear that about your uncle and I pray for him days full of love and goodness , hope that he can find some peace and days without pain.
    Wishing thing going in the best way for you and your family.

  10. Sorry to hear that about your uncle & all that he has been through with his loved ones. Prayers & good thoughts for your uncle & the family & hope that he can find some peace & as little pain – if any – through all of this. Wish things could be different. {Hugs}

  11. Alastair, I pray that whatever time your uncle has left is filled with peace, without pain, and surrounded by those he loves. I have been fortunate not to succumb to this wretched disease but have had many I love who have had to deal with it. I lost my mother at age 14 to ovarian cancer (she was only 38) and my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 5 years ago. I am praying for your family.

    • Thank you LuAnn.

      One of my aunt’s died on my 18th birthday as a result of cancer. That was nearly 30 years ago now, and we are still losing people to it. Your mum, I’ve had other family and friends go, I have one friend who is still fighting cancer. Thankfully she is winning.

      You would have thought after all this time that there would be something more substantial to end this.

    • Thanks Le Clown. Unfortunately it’s at the stage now where there is nothing more anyone can do. There is a hospice that goes to see him regularly and they help keep him comfortable.

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