An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Daily Prompt: November 27

I was just finishing work and heading for home. It was raining hard, and all I had on was my denim jacket and light trousers. Work had been quite stressful today as I was pulled in for a disciplinary after telling a customer I didn’t like her attitude. Apparently grabbing hold of her collar and telling her to “F OFF” isn’t a good idea in our line of work.

Anyway, I was heading for the bus station when a car pulls up beside and there is a woman in there – a brunette – and she asks me for directions to the shopping centre. I shake my head but try to keep my cool. I needed to stop losing my temper so much and this woman seemed nice. So I swallowed my anger and went over to the window and started to give her directions. She began to look confused and shook her head. “I tell you what”, she said. “If I give you a lift there, I’ll you home afterwards” For some reason this didn’t bother me. It should, after all this was a stranger, and even at my age of 53 I should still be nervous of strangers.

I agreed and climbed in. As soon as I did, a wave of calmness overwhelmed me. I smiled as it was a feeling I had not felt since before I had watched my parents put their plane into the side of the cliff.

“My name’s Rona. What’s yours?” the woman asked.
“Derek” I replied. I was confused as I don’t normally give my name out.
“Can you grab my pen and paper from the glove compartment?” as she pointed to a small door in front of me. I opened it and took out them, and she asked me how to spell my name. I looked at her and shook my head smiling. I pressed the top of the pen and felt a small pinprick in my finger then nothing …..

Continues in part two: An Offer Too Good

11 minutes 35 seconds

31 thoughts on “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

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  6. I like the story – at first I read it in english and then I translate it with google. A interesting story. You tell more about the little pinprick in the finger what will be now happend?

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