An Offer For My Hero

Here are parts one and two.

Part three of An Off I Couldn’t Refuse. This is the daily Prompt – My Hero

I sat there, looking at myself. I could feel my mouth open and the slight rise in pain told me that I was starting to become angry again. The other “me” grinned and spoke in my voice. “Hello Derek” he said. It was odd as that is the way I hear my voice to be on recordings, not the way I hear it in my head. “I’m going to remove your wires now, but if you attempt anything, I will stun you with all of the force at my disposal“. So I sat there as he .. I … me … whoever … took the wires out of my head. He was saying something, but I was too stunned to listen.

He stood away from me and looked me in the face. I felt I was looking in a mirror. I finally found my voice, and I didn’t care about the pain … ” Who the hell are you??” I bellowed and gritted my teeth for the pain – but it never came. “Can’t you tell?” he answered. “I’m you.” He looked me in the eyes and I stared back. It was like I was staring into my own soul. I didn’t like it. He shook his head and grinned. “Okay, here’s why you have been here for the past four weeks“. Another stunner. Four weeks? “You see, we need someone with your ‘unique’ talent. Not many people can do what you do and get away with it most of the time” Talent? I don’t have a talent.

I jumped off the bed and walked around the other me. I prodded him. He felt real. I pushed him slightly and he teetered. Then he looked at me and said “you hit me, I will hit you back“. I shrugged and unclenched my fist. “Okay”, I said. “You mentioned a unique talent?”
Yes. You see, in order for you to keep your job, I will be taking over for you. I don’t have your anger issues. Your colleagues will think your reprimand worked. In the meantime, you will be busy here
I was confused. This still didn’t mention a ‘talent’. The only thing I was ever good at was street fighting and getting angry, but I gave up street fighting fifteen years ago when the doctor told me that another blow to the head could result in odd complications. “You are needed … right now.

I was led out of the room and I glanced into a reflective window. My face appeared cracked and my eyes were the brightest red I had ever seen. I saw myself, and I was scared …

Continued in part four An Offer of Freedom

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