Music: December 11 2012

Renard Moreau created a post today, and it got me thinking about a video that I like, so I though I would make that my music today.

This track comes from a 1993 album – Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. The singer was sued by Uwe Vandrei who claimed that the song was written from letters that he had sent the singer whilst being obsessed with her. Nothing was ever done as Vandrei committed suicide before it came to court. When the singer was in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine years afterwards, she stated that several other people had sent her the same kind of message, as a result, this track is of a sexual nature.

Sarah McLachlanPossession

12 thoughts on “Music: December 11 2012

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  2. She is so gorgeous and is one of my favorite female singers! I love In The Arms Of The Angels! I tell my husband to play it at my funeral, assuming of course I die first! *laughing* Thanks for posting this! …..Paula x

    • You’re welcome. I think really I should have added this on my Sensual Blogger Award, but after finding the background, it would have gone for the “Stalker Blogger Award” 😉

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