Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week’s Photo Challenge is Illumination. I didn’t want to use photos that I had used before, and didn’t want to use a sunrise. So the first one I took on a 2 minute 15 second timer which I think has caught some brilliant lighting. The second is a lava lamp heating up.

Illumination 1 Illumination 2


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

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    • Thank you. I am so blessed to have a balcony perfectly placed. Although I’m sure when the house was built, car lights weren’t high on the agenda hehe. The house was built about 1840

    • Thanks Elizz. A lava lamp is a heated lamp with wax in it. The wax melts and globules of it float up and down through the liquid. It is really relaxing to watch. This photo is about ten minutes after it’s been switched on and the wax is in the middle of melting

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