January 23: Amalgamation 2

This track was released in 1970 and is one of the THE classic tracks of that decade. It was released on January 26 1970 and February 28 1970 it reached number one of the Billboard Hot 100 where it stayed for six weeks.  It also hit the number one slot of the adult contemporary chart in the US, and stayed there for six weeks also. It also reached number one of Canadian RPM Top Singles, Canadian RPM Adult Contemporary Tracks, New Zealand Singles ChartU.K. Singles ChartFrench Singles Chart and Australian Singles Chart (Go-Set). It was recorded and released by Aretha Franklin in 1971 and she won the Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 1972. Elvis Presley recorded it in November 1970.

January 23 2013

Problems come in all shapes and sizes
Like being out in the snow or rain
Winning rubbish that are boobie prizes
Or suffering badly from extreme pain

With the dreams of some bursting like bubbles
And that sometimes causes the mind to deaden
As some families are overcome with troubles
Then there’s others that reach Armageddon

Remember you don’t always need to rip and rend
Not all of the problems are made to last
Of course everyone wants their trouble to end
To see everything bad in the past

So whether you are a mum, dad, aunt or uncle
Whether you have a nephew, niece, son or daughter
Maybe you should listen to Simon and Garfunkel
With their classic Bridge Over Troubled Water

44 thoughts on “January 23: Amalgamation 2

  1. Alastair this is just great, I love it, the music and the photo. But most especially your poem! Sorry I didn’t come by sooner today but my back has been giving me a little bit of a hassle, so I can’t sit as long as I’d like to with my laptop, trying other things too but kind of a pain, figuratively and literally! lol. Therapy’s helping so that’s good. Hopeful all this if a short duration! Anyway really enjoyed your written words! Penny, 🙂

    • Thank you Roxi. It did take a bit of brain ache LOL

      Yeah this has always been a favourite. I didn’t realise that this song led to the break up of them.

      • That’s the great thing about such songs…. they live long after the source has faded. Their words still stand strong all these years later… and will likely continue long after we’re gone.

        • It will be one of those classics that future generations will be formed on. Not because of who they are like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Venom, well – maybe not venom, but because of the song. The way it makes the listener feel. Drawing them into the hopelessness then the hope.

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