Daily Prompt: All About Me

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

When I first started my blog – many years ago – I called it “Alley Katt’s Blog”. This was because I used the pseudonym Alley Katt because of my name and shortening it, but rather than having Alley Cat, I chose the alternative version. When I was playing a game online, using the same pseudonym, someone asked me if I was male or female which disgruntled me.

After that, I changed it to Mondrak. This was a name I used in a role-playing gameWarhammer Fantasy Role-Play“. I used this name for years, and then three years ago this month, I had to change blog places again, so this time I chase a mixture of the two plus a play on words. You have the Katt from Alley Katt, you have the Mon from Mondrak, and put together in the form of Catamaran – Kattermonran.

I was also hiding who I was so there were no photos of me anywhere. In September last year though, I changed that. I put an old photo of me on, and I dropped the pseudonym to show who I really am and used my real name.

That’s how I chose my blog name and what it means to me.


40 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: All About Me

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  2. I was blogging for a couple of years. I always give the blogs a name like this one Silently Heard using the oxymoron approach. My previous blog was a journey through my life with lupus and was Me verse lupus. I never was able to hide who I was. I guess I’m vain like that. I always admired people like you who likes to stay mysterious.

  3. The story behind your blog name reflects like changes in life – You go through stages & evolve & so did your blog!
    And – you being you on your blog – seems to be the best fit!

    • Thank you Christina. I’m glad I did as well. It was like a breath of Fresh air. I did want to go and hide again once but a very good friend convinced me otherwise and I’ve not wanted to since then 🙂

      Thank you

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  6. Hey Alastair–can I ask you something? What are the time parameters for the Daily Prompt–I would like to try it sometime, but whenever I go there, the comments are already closed. If I could just see what the prompt is in a timely fashion–or even before it closes–that would be great. (sorry to muck up your space here with this Q–which you can delete, of course–but I have been trying to figure this out forever!!)

    • Comments are permanently shut off. They just give one line as a prompt and it’s up to you to interpret as you want. They close comments to stop it being filled up. I believe when they first started doing the prompts, they said something about trolls causing trouble on there.

        • As soon as I see the email, I decide whether to do it or not. As long as you link back to the page, and tag “Postaday” and “Daily Prompt” they will see it and your traffic will surge 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂

  7. Ahh! The origin of the Mondrak moniker is revealed at last. 🙂 Interesting story. It’s hard (I think) and brave, to be who you really are out here on the Wild Web…when I initially started networking I was: Karen Kidzu…kids you…get it?

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  10. It does take courage to post your real name on your writing and send it out to the world, but I find most readers like following ‘real people’ with real names. Thanks for sharing your interesting story.

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