Angels Keep Watch



Angels look on from above
Keeping watch over charges
Eyeing potential dangers
Focusing on future events


Observing how people interact
Pondering the moves they make
Divining the best course
Steering them in directions


Angels meet and converse
Divulging plans for meets
Placing obstacles to avoid
Helping fate to play its hand


On high, Angels are watched
Nods are given in consent
Plans are put into action
People displaced and pushed


Final plans are set in motion
Corners are cleared of distraction
Wards are set on their way
Angels watch with bated breath


Out of the fog come two people
Unknown to each other before now
Destined to meet .. to teach
To learn .. to rejoice .. to know


Angels smile at a job well doneangels3
Two people to know the other
To break walls and feel again
To know what it means to love

ยฉ Alastair Forbes 2013

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