Most Influential Blogs of 2012


Sharla (Catnip of Life) has put forward my blog as one of the most influential blogs of 2012. The One thing I have never looked at, was for my blog to be influential. I am more than honoured and humbled that anyone would think so. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy sharing my photos and poetry.

There are no rules for this award. The blogs that influenced me, and the ones that I believed have influenced others as well are:

Land of Fun

Lovely Lady Blogger

My Personal Atonement

Reconstructing Christina



The Green Walled Tower

The London Flower Lover

The Why About This

37 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogs of 2012

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  3. Geez, now you got me all teary eyed…where’s my box of tissues when I need them! Congrats! You have a fantastic blog and this award is well deserved. Thanks for spreading the blog love my way! ((HUGS))

  4. I feel very grateful and honored to be listed as an influential blog. I try my hardest to inspire as many people as I can, and it’s so inspiring to me to know that I can possibly be achieving that goal. Thank you for adding me to this list and for taking the time to read my blog.

    • Thanks David. Some of your stories gave me ideas for my “Offer” series that I have been doing. I really should get back to that at some point soon

  5. Congratulations, Alastair! Your award is well deserved!

    Thank you very much for your appreciation and for nominating my blog! I feel honored!
    Have a wonderful day Alastair! πŸ™‚

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