Friday Fictioneers: The Slide (a joint contribution)

Kim and I put this together as an amusement. It was put together in comments after a remark made. It is another Friday Fictioneers, with thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Jennifer Pendergast for the photo.


Every few days they would line up at the top of the spiral stair case. Like a slide at the pool, except there without water.

It was lots of fun until clumsy Billy wiggled too much on the final landing. He tumbled, taking out the legs of Natasha who was just being strapped onto the grappler.

She was pulled up as she swung and her arc headed toward Jimmy who was on his descent. Before you knew it Linda had landed on top of Jimmy, Natasha and Billy. It’s amazing no one was hurt.

Every slide now, someone attempts this.

26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Slide (a joint contribution)

  1. Dear Alistair (and KIm)
    Collaborations can be exhilarating fun. Doug MacIlroy and I did one a few weeks back. and It’s best to read his first 😉 We shared the word count with 200 words combined total.
    A fun read you two have written. The only quarrel I have is the tense changes. One minute it’s past tense and then it’s present. A bit jarring. Seems to me it needs to be one or the other.
    Your call, of course.
    Again, welcome Alistair.

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