How To Perk Up A Bit

After reading Penny‘s post on TheWhyAboutThis on Human Insecurity, it reminded me of something that a counsellor told me once that should help to rebuild confidence in yourself and fight towards the end of the tunnel. I would like to really, really, REALLY thank Penny for creating the post that made me think of this.

Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in a theatre or a cinema or somewhere like that. All around you are bubbles which contain the things that are getting you down. Ignore those, and focus on the screen on the stage. Start the film rolling of something that makes you happy. Whether it is a happy memory, a happy thought, a person, a time, an event to come.

Watch the film. As you are watching it, open the door to the theatre and imagine a breeze going through, pushing those bubbles out of the doors. Carry on watching the film, and put a new one on if necessary and watch the new film. Remember to watch the film and ignore the bubbles. Take attention to the little details on the film. You will be able to see those little details if you focus in them. By doing this will bring smiles to your face and thus the bubbles will float out the door or at the very least, diminish.

If you do this several times a week, it can really help. Maybe start by writing down what your dreams or good memories are so you can focus easier on them.

Thank you again Penny.

24 thoughts on “How To Perk Up A Bit

  1. Another web friend suggests writing you dreams gives them honor. And thus they shouldn’t bother you again if they are the bothersome types.

    Kind of like when you have to make a speech and imagine every one almost in their birthday suits. Reminds me of that process where just by thinking good things you can alter your anxiety.

      • I knew I’d remember as soon as I walked away…
        Bio-feed back.

        Another thought is to write down you troubles, and in a safe place like a metal bowl, and burn them. Thus giving them no more power. Some folks do that with blessings and prayers too. Write them down and burn the the words on paper that is.

        • I’d heard that about the troubles. Unfortunately I was married when I did that, and my ex-wife screamed at me and asked what the hell I was doing. The trouble I had written down (ironically) was to stop arguments between me and her. 😆

          • A few too many moons ago, when things weren’t all that peachy keen for me…I was too young to play with matches. Now however I’ve got a good home with a nice fire place 🙂

            • I won’t have an open fire. They look lovely. They are lovely. But memories of a flat on fire in 1971 kind of put me off the idea

            • Ours isn’t open. Gets outside air, has a hollow grate for the logs, glass doors, and does heat exchange with a fan so it pulls in the room air heats it up and pushes the warm air out again. But I understand.

              Think I told you Hubby is a volunteer Fire-fighter…he
              tells the story of a woman who left candles burning on her dining room table and not once but twice burnt her home down.

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