Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

This week’s Phonography Challenge on the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Future Tense. I did wonder how I was going to do this, so thought I would see what other people were doing first. All of the photos are used on the iPhone. The one with the seagull is using a new app that I was given a code for courtesy of iPhoneOgenic called Distressed FX. The cat will eventually move as it is laying on the Blu-Ray buttons. The forest will eventually have proper greenery back in it again. And the seagull will eventually get some food. 


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

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  2. Nice! I found it to be a bit difficult also! I was getting a little frustrated, but then I would remind myself that it’s called a “challenge” for a reason! HA! 🙂 I like your take on it, and I like your cat 🙂

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