Sensual Senses

Sometimes we do things that are completely out of our comfort zone. I have done that with this poem. This is a sensual and sexual poem. As a result, I am using a couple of images that I have found on the internet that I would not normally use.

This poem does contain verses that allude to a highly sexual encounter. If that would offend you, please do not read on. Thank you.

Sensual Senses

I feel the beat of your heart
I feel the heat of your body
I feel the brush of your hands
I feel the warmth of your breathOne


I sense the butterflies wings
I sense the dizziness swirl
I sense the passion in your body
I sense the want in your head



I hear the lust in your breath
I hear the waver of your voice
I hear the catch in your throat
I hear the murmur of your desire


I see the look in your eyes
I see the prickle of your skin
I see the movement of your mouth
I see the lick of your lips



You touch my ear with your lips
You touch my neck with your finger
You touch my waist with your hand
You touch my thigh with your legs


I taste the skin on your cheek
I taste the feel of your neck
I taste the wet of your lips
I taste the joy of your tongue



I want the feel of your hands
I want the passion of your body
I want the taste of your love
I want the whole of you tonight

© Alastair Forbes 2013

Images obtained from various internet pages.

55 thoughts on “Sensual Senses

  1. Very sensual and yes, graphic, sexual – but to deny ourselves our whole and complete truths would be disrespectful. Pure. Strong. Simple. Potent.
    Brave truth Alastair. And thank you for sharing.

    Excuse me while I think of ways to cool down – cold shower perhaps, or a run under Mother Moon tonight just might be warranted.

    • It’s amazing that some people seem to think nudity and sexuality are obscene and pornographic, while blatantly brutal violence is considered acceptable. I think it’s a problem unique to the U.S. Other countries, such as Japan and those in Europe and Latin America, have the opposite view. I do, too. I don’t laugh at videos of people getting hurt. I cringe. Violence bothers me, not nudity.

      • Thanks Alejandro. Here in the UK it is the same. They are trying to ban lads mags but are willing to keep gun club magazines. Films of people having limbs blown off are shown throughout the day, but women semi naked are after 9pm

      • Good point – it’s as if North America has become desensitized to violence and yet nudity is considered a huge deal, in some respects. Of course when lines are crossed it becomes an entirely different issue. I find American, sorry my American friends for the sweeping generalization, attitudes rather Victorian. Sex – or rather sexually suggestive ads – are used to sell just about everything under the sun – but it’s all very puritanical. Entirely strange in my opinion. But not altogether surprising. I mean, look at the most favored models? Picture perfect – so as long as it’s neat, clean, pure, sexy is good – but not real.

    • Thank you Jenny. I didn’t want to repost it in the Daily Prompt as it was bad enough plucking up the courage to post it the first time lol

      • It was good Al – very good, but I understand, though we shouldn’t hide what we write, sometimes the need for privacy on ‘who we are’ is required, especially if eyes that you personally know could be watching. That is why I don’t write much erotica (or any actually) as daughters peep in now and then. 🙂

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    • Thanks Ren. I do come back to this sometimes and wonder if i should do something similar, bit then change my mind as I don’t know how close I could get to the line without crossing it

    • I hadn’t. I was very worried about this one. Especially with the images as well. I decided to not use one as I felt it was a little too much. It may have made it more of a pornographic poem rather than a sexual one

    • Thanks LuAnn. I wasn’t sure how this was going to be received as it is completely different from my usual, and I didn’t have recent experiences to draw on.

      Glad it came out well though

        • Yes we do. I will admit, I did get advice on whether or not I should publish it. You see women post poems like this, but not that many men do. I suppose it is classed as pornographic from our side

          • I don’t believe that at all. I loved to see this side of your writing. On a side note, sorry I have not been visiting as often. We are now at my husband’s parents’ home and have been working non-stop since we arrived on projects that have been needing to be finished some time ago. Once we get beyond this, I hope to get back to blogging.

  3. Beautifully – and, in my humble opinion, very tastefully done Alastair – Bravo! You should be proud of this sensual masterpiece. Your first time at this too ~ wow! 🙂 RL

  4. There’s nothing wrong with feeling lustful and sensual. Both are natural human sensations. It’s how we react – and therefore, impose – those feelings upon others that is most significant.

  5. WTG Alastair 😉 Very very nicely penned… my friend. The muse resides deep within and she needs to come out once in awhile… you should let her, you did well here… keep it up… 😉

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