Unrequited Love

Reading Penny’s post today “And So I Wondered” made me realise that I never actually posted the poem that was one of the winners of her poetry competition last year “Unrequited Love“. There were three winners. Myself, LuAnn and AnElephantCan’t. So I thought I would post it today.

Unrequited Love

He stares at the screen, eyes wide

She looks at the screen, sees him

He sends her a message, heart missing beats

She sees a message, smiles from her friend

He waits for a reply wanting to see her words

She speaks to him with smiles and winks

His heart skips again seeing her post

She smiles and walks out the room.

He writes, deletes, then writes again

A message again, she walks in to read

He awaits her reply, butterflies churning

She walks away, walks back and replies.

He suppresses a gasp as her name lights up again

She looks for her shoes, her coat and her gloves

He taps out his words, thinking only of her

She sees his name, alit, glances at his message

He wants to say it, wants to tell her the truth

She’s puzzled, his words seem confused, hurried

He stands up, walks around and sits again

She says she’s a friend he can tell her all

He tells her he loves her, deletes it, says he’ll talk soon

She walks out the door, kisses her husband and leaves

He knows she is married, knows she is happy, knows he loves her

She hasn’t a clue …

ยฉ Alastair Forbes 2012


35 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. That was masterfully done, with the two sides of the issue. You captured the conflicting emotions perfectly. If only we could read everything that was written and then deleted, how much good/harm would it cause. ๐Ÿ™‚

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