The Shy Butterfly

I brought The Shy Butterfly today which you can buy for the Kindle from and and is written by the fantastically multi-talented Penny and illustrated by Debbie Edwards.

A beautiful book with a beautiful moral

I brought this for my kindle today. This e-book is equally as valuable to adults as it is to children. The author and illustrator have done well to collaborate to make it look enticing to children and I believe they will enjoy the story again and again. The e-book tells of a butterfly that is scared to do something different. Not until he sees what can be gained by stepping out of his comfort zone can he see what is on offer. The moral is that humans as well as butterflies need to take a step – that unknown – so that we can make a difference with our lives. The way that the author tells it will have children (and adults) wanting to try something different. It is beautifully told and laid out, making it a very easy on the eye e-book. It would be easily read several times over. As a first published book, it is very well put together.

The images in the book are beautifully drawn and painted, and compliment the story perfectly. The inside back states that the inspiration for the illustrations come from Edwards’ niece.


36 thoughts on “The Shy Butterfly

  1. SteJ recommended this book to me and I had no idea that it was Penny’s creation. I am off to purchase it for my kindle. Thanks Alastair!

  2. Like the sound of this one Alistair ….and thinking of butterflies I saw my first one of the year a yellow one Hurrah its going to be agood summer 😉
    Have a great weekend !
    ps I know what you mean about all the photo challenges … keeping up is tres difficile @ times !

  3. ooo – i don’t have a kindle – can we buy this for ipad as an e book (or google book?) ~ It looks so lovely — Thanks Alastair – & Yay – Penny!!! x

      • thank you so much Alastair. I did not know there were kindle aps as I remember when they first came out and you had to buy this separate tablet thing… wow– I actually had a kindle back when and has gone by wayside now with I Pad. Will def. order Penny’s wonderful book ~ so happy you mentioned it here!! I like wooden tops — 🙂

        • I had the app for my phone a while ago as I follow a film director on Twitter and he released a comedic book on Kindle so I thought I would get it. Then yesterday while I was buying this book, I saw an ad for the free apps for everything .. well maybe you can sit it on a wooden top (which incidentally are what the police over here used to be called 😉 )

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