A Photo A Day … May 02 2013

I did go out today, but the photos I took were naff, so I used one that I took as I was on my balcony photographing … something big that went down the Straits of Dover. This poor baby was asking for food, but alas, I didn’t have any for him today.

May 02 2013

41 thoughts on “A Photo A Day … May 02 2013

  1. I always love birds, this one does look pitiful. You are getting some comments scolding you, I will join them. wasn’t there any rice or even a noodle, if you didn’t have bread, biscuits or cookies? Hmmmm…. He posed so well for you, too!

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  3. Awww, he’s very cute.
    LOL I remember years ago (around 1980) when Princess Anne got into trouble from her big sister for telling some photographers to “naff orf.” Good on her I say.

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