Timeout for Art

Okay, so I am a really REALLY REALLY REALLY naff artist. In fact, artist should in no way be used in the same sentence as my name except to instil fits of giggles into kids as they look at the stupefied tosh and codswallop that my creative (<—- huh?) side comes out with. I did however, say to Lisa Brunetti at Zeebra Designs & Destinations that I would have a go. She told me that she would add my contribution to her page. Somehow, I doubt that will happen, after all, if something is drawn by a 45 year old, you expect it to look like it was drawn by a 45 year old, not a five year old.

Well, time to embarrass myself with the piece of trash that I attempted today. If you are easily offended, please change your channel now.

Image One

If you want to know what this is supposed to be, take a look here


80 thoughts on “Timeout for Art

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    • Haha. I am beginning to think it wasn’t too bad.

      A good friend of mine told me to believe what others were saying about me and what I do. So maybe it was okay then hehe

      Thank you Christina.

  2. Your use of: naff–codswallop–and tosh aren’t nearly as “sketchy”…hehe…I love your terminology!! If I wasn’t so knackered, I’d be gobsmacked by the lot of it!

    Your drawing isn’t bad at all–the perspective is right on–or write, should I say…

  3. Character is what this drawing has, any first effort not resorting to stick men is heroic as far as I’m concerned and it’s a major relief to not see you go the way of modern art and do something with pipes and a tent with a cymbal on top.

  4. I think your first attempt was excellent and that you had the courage to post it says so much about you. I cannot even draw stick figures well. 🙂

  5. Don’t underestimate yourself Alastair – I love your illustration of this illusive box! It brings up thoughts of ‘ancient mysteries’ for me… I am not an illustrator at all — so no critical technique advice – but I think it looks fabulous. You are multitalented indeed! 🙂 ~ x RL

  6. Hey Alistair 🙂 well done you !
    Isn’t it lovely to have a go at something new … keep at it … the hardest thing sometimes is to hit that Publish button as PommePal -sorry don’t know quite to link to her – said and I agreed with 🙂
    I’m sure you will enjoy it week by week if you carry on ….
    I’m sort of thinking about it too …

  7. Alastair! I am so proud of you! You just separated yourself from a large percentage of people who don’t have the courage to attempt what you did! I always told my beginning students, ‘This is the worst you’ll do, and each drawing will get better!’ I asked them to put a date on the back so that one day when they’re going through their old papers, they’ll ask, ‘When did i do this?’

    The act of drawing forces one to see! There are so many ways to analyze the subject matter so that it can be easily drawn! You have just opened that magic box, and it’s going to be so much fun to watch your progress!

    Hoo-RAH for you!

      • you are welcome! a quick lesson would be to focus on the very center of that lovely design. it looks like a plus sign for math…. draw only that. then look at the little boxes in each corner… you’ve already drawn two sides of each of those boxes.. square it off… then extend the ‘plus’ signs… etc etc.. and poof, it’s finished!

        you did a great job of looking at it, so next learn how to look at it in new ways!

  8. Congratulations on your drawing Alastair. The first lesson learned about drawing is to not denigrate yourself, the second is to not compare your work to others, they’ve probably practiced for longer than you, so have a greater skill (as you have with your brilliant photography). And third to be pleased as punch, because you put pencil to paper and reproduced something yourself! An award in and of itself! One that children seem to understand too well as they proudly run up to show you their first attempts. So I’ll say again, congratulations, well done! I like it! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Penny. I looked at the box and thought “well how hard can it be?” This was my third attempt. The others were truly .. I mean TRULY bad. No straight lines – well, straightish, smudges, it was awful.

      I do want to improve. Eventually I want to be able to draw Raynard. Thank you for your support Penny, I do appreciate it.

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