Best Moment Award

I have been too lackadaisical of late where awards are concerned, so I hope to sort these awards before the end of June. Gives me thirty days to get through them all.

The first award is the Best Moment Award.


I received this from:

  1. Moment Matters
  2. Cristi Moise
  3. Gys
  4. Tazein (1st)
  5. Tammye
  6. Tazein (2nd)
  7. Tazein (3rd)

Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video recorded.

 Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners notify them the great news.

I am truly grateful for being given this award by so many people. It does truly humble me in the thought of people liking my blog so much. When I started blogging nine years ago, I thought the only people who would read it would be my friends, and some of those stopped after a while. With over 600 readers now, I have gone beyond what I could have truly ever wished for, and some of you have become very close friends. Thank you all, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be blogging today. I’m sorry I can’t choose each and every one of you to receive this award from me. Even if you don’t have one, believe me when I say that I am honoured that you read my blog, and I enjoy reading yours.


86 thoughts on “Best Moment Award

  1. Wonderful speech. Really, it is. Nine years blogging, that’s truly amazing!!!! WOW! You really are an inspiration to us all. I look forward to the next nine 🙂 This is a fantastic post! Oh, and thanks for sharing it with me, you’re too kind.

  2. Hi Alastair, just back from being out and about. Congratulations, well done and deserved my friend! Thanks for including me with such an awesome group of inspiring bloggers, I appreciate you thinking of me for this nomination! 🙂 xo

    • When I first received this award, you were one of the ones I knew I was going to give it to. Following your blog from July last year (yes it’s been nearly a year) has seriously changed my life. As a result, that was one of the Best Moments.

      • Thank you Alastair, that means a great deal to me. Many miles may separate us, but true friendship knows no distance and I value your friendship very much! Sending love to you and your family Alastair, 🙂 xo

        • That’s true. A true friend is not someone who has been there the longest, it is the one that has stayed when everyone else has left.

          Hugs to you and your family Penny

  3. So very thankful dear friend ~ and warmest congratulations to you too — your blog is filled with some magical ‘moments’ for me !! ~ Love and Blessings, RL

  4. Congratulations, Hairy! well deserved, it is great to see a super bloke get a nice thing (is it shiny? There’s an opening for a bald joke if ever I saw one!). Well done, sir!

  5. I am too lackidaisial to scroll back up to your first sentence to see how to spell lackidaisial…….AKA I am much more lackidaisial than you. Kudos. You deserve every award Alastair (you prince!)
    Cheers! 🙂

  6. Thank you for the nomination, I am in some wonderful blogging company on your list of nominees and always love the oppurtunity to peruse some new blogs.

    Like you I am behind with my awards thingies too, I shall endeavour to sort this out during this month!

        • Free reading is always good. I had a look to see what Orwell books I have for my kindle that I was sent, and I only have Animal Farm and 1984.

            • I was given a memory stick with thousands of books on. If you have a Kindle, I can send them to you if you want? Or you can use it with a Kindle app on your phone or computer

            • I have so much to read that I really shouldn’t get any more books, I best get down the awesome and varied books I have first. Thanks for t’ offer though!

            • I will keep it in mind. If you have any Márquez, Calvino or Eco on that list then that will keep you entertained. I love magical realism.

            • I shall have a look once I have read your post – which is now being read to the music of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill through iTunes.

            • Is that Gabriel Garcia Marquez? – A Life, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

              Umberto Eco? Foucault’s Pendulum and The Name of the Rose

            • Yup they are a selection from each author….if you love wonderfully written, nay beautiful prose and a story to sink into then they will be right up your street.

            • I shall add them to my Kindle and be ready to read them. After I have uploaded my photo of the day, and I am also contemplating finally reviewing Charmeine for an author whose blog I read.

            • Awesome! I am so behind on going to everyone’s blog and only go to around 80, so goodness knows how you did all those hundreds. New stuff is great though!

            • I agree. As she signed the first edition and sent it to me, the least I can do is review it.

              It was fine when the majority of blogs I was visiting were photographic ones, but then when poetry, fiction and inspiration started coming into it, it was taking longer and longer to spend at each one. Plus wanting to leave comments, that fell by the wayside

            • It is a lot of effort, even though reading is great. so much to take in. Still at least we all understand the pressures and keep visiting each other regardless of if they reciprocate all the time or not.

              I also got a signed book, from Stephen at it was a huge boost when a guy from LA asked me to review his novel. Us English guys are the go to guys for opinions it seems!

            • we are ret common like, we cough blood into white hankerchiefs, are perpetually jobless and angry. We all play a brass instrument and enjoy the constant rain…

            • Good film, I thought I was going to watch The Core and then it turned out that the long trailer I thought i was watching was The Truman Show and the wrong disk was in the DVD player. I am slow like that.

            • I prefer to miss them entirely, like at the cinema. Start the film, cut out all adverts and dull films and let me get to the overpriced brightness I paid for!

            • Like on DVD’s and Blu-Rays – who wants to know about Mars bars – we didn’t pay to be advertised to, we paid to watch the film. I like the ones that say “Trailers are after the film” or with some Blu-Rays, it’s a pop up menu. The film starts straight away, there’s no set of images giving away what’s going to happen

            • That is a better way to do it, I hate that BBC DVDs are so expensive, despite the fact we pay for them to make the programme, or rather pay for all the meaningless people in the top heavy hierarchy.

            • Yeah. We are the only country in the world that has to pay three times to watch TV. If you don’t want to watch BBC, you still have to pay. Have a computer? You got to pay. I wouldn’t mind having ads on all channels if it would save £145 (or whatever it is) a year.

            • Or just TV’s without the BBC, then i could get the Doctor Who DVDs with the saved money and possibly whatever Attenborough documentary was current. It would boost the economy no end.

            • I saw it in a Sunday rag today, it was on the cards, they traditionally do three/four years except that maverick Mr T Baker, I wonder who will be next…..

            • Me. I was approached when Pertwee left and again when Remmington Steele left. So now it’s my turn.

              I wonder if they will remove Clara and start anew again or keep the impossible on. At least we know why she was called the impossible girl. I also wonder if that was the plan when she was a dalek or if it was something they thought of later. It’s like the episode where Pond has to keep her eyes shut and there are seeming continuity errors, but they are shown in The Pandorica Opens

            • I would keep her on….purely for her quirkyness of course and possibly because she is northern also. I believe she is staying on, I’m sure i read that somewhere. Knowing Moffat, he probably had it all planned with her.

              You would be a good ‘un you would, there would of course be a photograph theme going on and that would all come together in the season finale, of course.

              I am going to shoot off now for I have some pressing matters to attend too, before the morn comes around. Catch thee later sirrah!

            • I need to try and ease the pain in my back as well as write a story and sort some videos out. The joys. Take care mistah

  7. congo Brit Boy..nine years of ur dedication..awards always give me a red carpet moment,,,still a kid in this field as I jump with joy 🙂

  8. Evening from Oz, Alastair! Just about to turn the laptop off. Glad I saw your post…so congrats and hue hug!! 🙂 ( years blogging..Wow!) …Paula xxx

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