Līgo Haībun Challenge – Race Against Time

Nightlake has given the choices of Today – Ten Years Ago or Dewdrops.

The rules can be found on her page at Call2Read.


Jerry ran as fast as he could. He gritted his teeth, he had not run this fast since school, when the school bully was chasing him down for his lunch money that he never had. Checking his watch, he swore! He was not going to make it. Time was against him, time was always against him.

Cars were end to end, the roads were full of people milling around. In a moment of clarity, he ran up the bonnet of a car and along the roof. He jumped from car to car. The drivers were shouting abuse at him, but he did not care. He was running out of time. Jerry jumped down from the last car and ran across the road thankful that no traffic was moving.

He grabbed some money from his pocket and threw it to a vendor as he grabbed something from the stall as he ran past without breaking his stride. He had one more road to cross and the cars just lined the streets, he could not believe his luck. He jumped on the bonnet of one sliding across and then he was on the pavement.

Jerry thought he might actually make it! He checked his watch again; he had fifteen seconds. He was going to make it. As he reached his destination, the door opened.

My love, ten years ago today I proposed to you at this exact time in this exact place. I loved you then and I will love you forever”. Jerry gave her the flowers he brought from the vendor.

Red Roses

ten years have gone by
anniversary is here
roses for loved ones

34 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge – Race Against Time

  1. I think we should have stockages for bullies in the center of the town square. And get to throw old rotting veggies at them. Good to have a happy ending. I would like to think that if all those drivers knew the reason for the want they would be forgiving…and help to celebrate the anniversary.

    I tried looking at your video…but my computer doesn’t like either one. I might have to have my son check out whatever drive it is that helps to run videos.

  2. Poor Jerry. I’m exhausted just reading what he had to do! How sweet that he didn’t want to miss their anniversary by even a second. I sure hope she appreciates him. Great read Alastair 🙂

  3. wow, the tension in the haibun is palpable. and a lovely haiku towards the end. Hope Jerry has an escape route because he may have to answer soooo many people:)

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