This Thirsty Thursday Thinkings

Smile. You. Yes. YOU. Smile. More than that. Come on, you can do it. A little bit? Now the other side. A bit more. There now, isn’t that a bit better? See if you can keep doing that today. Give a smile to a random person. I bet they give you one back. They are magical. The more you get, the bigger your smile gets.  This first one, I found on the lovely Christina’s Facebook page. If you read her blog, go to her Facebook page. If you don’t read her blog … why not? Go read it. And then go to her Facebook page. She is a fantastic poet.

Courtesy of Christina on her Facebook Page

Courtesy of Christina on her Facebook Page

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35 thoughts on “This Thirsty Thursday Thinkings

  1. when I was mad as a kid my granddaddy used to say the same thing to me. It made me even madder because in the end I was smiling and giggling

  2. Alastair–I had to battle the “demons” to get the 2nd edition of my book out, even though I get such terrific feedback on it! The point is I DID IT. I slogged through the self-doubt and made it happen.

    • Excellent! Well done John. I’m 68% through it now, and I love the names you give people. The situations. You asked me for my favourite two … At this moment, I couldn’t tell you. I know the car parking one is definitely there. As for the other … we’ll have to see 🙂

  3. You know how much I love these!! They just always make me smile and feel happy and optimistic. I’ll reblog this tomorrow. Night from me to you…Hugs Paula xxx

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