Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Today’s daily prompt is “Your Life Without A Computer”. Me without a computer would be very hard. I don’t go out to meet people, so I tend to stay inside. My computer is my way of interacting with other people. If I did not have it, then I would probably do some art – which I am really bad at, but I could learn.

Without the computer, I would not be able to make the friends I have. Although by the same token, I would not be able to hurt the people I have. Behind the computer, I can hide myself. Many people don’t know properly what I look like. What I sound like, and that’s the way it will stay.

Without the computer, I would interact less with people, so allowing them to get on with their daily lives ignorant of my existence. I do, sometimes, wish I had never gone online to start talking to people. At other times, I am glad I did.

Without the computer, I would never have started interacting with so many wonderful bloggers. “Why did you start then?” I hear some of you ask. It was a way of contacting people through email at first. Then through MySpace, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Bebo, learning from yahoo groups. Then the blogging. That became fun once people started reading my blog. It’s not always so fun now, but other days it is.

Maybe a break from blogging is what I need. See how I can do without the internet and computer.

Would you be able to cope without your computer?


65 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

  1. I think many of us have gotten to a point where we needed to take a break from blogging, just to catch our breath. Whatever you decide Alastair, you are loved by many and you will have our support. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, Alastair. Just read your post and totally agree time away is good for the soul! Just think of all the inspiration waiting outside just for you to discover, take photographs and share with all of your friends upon your return.

    PS Just be sure to come back! :mrgreen:

  3. You know me, always late to the party, but here none the less-I think a break is good. You do so much online. Blogging takes up so much time. Social media takes so much time. The brain needs a rest. Try going a week without using your computer. I take breaks all the time, but I can live without technology. I love living without it. It’s relaxing and good for the soul to reconnect with your basic self.

  4. I have just had a week without my computer and though I missed it, it was also a kind of relief. I make myself blog every day, my own deadlines and my own pressure – and it was good to have a break. Have a good week off but I hope that you do return! πŸ™‚

  5. For me;, without the computer I would not be able to do my official work. I write daily reports, minutes, plan my schedules etc using the computer every day in the office. And of course, I blog on the side πŸ™‚

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  7. Life without comp will be very difficult. I’d probably spend all my free hours in the library. Are you going to take a break. will miss your posts for sure.

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  9. Hi Alastair
    We all need a break sometimes. You do visit more than most, I think! there are just not enough hours to visit everyone – and to post, and Twitter, etc. Take care, my friend, and do what is best for you! πŸ™‚

  10. I often go half a day w/o logging onto my computer. But, it comes on every day @ some point, if only for a little while. Ironic how our lives have become so intertwined w/ technology. However, late @ night, after I’ve read the local newspaper, I almost always turn to a book. I may give up my computer for a while, but I’ll never forgo my love of reading.

  11. Well your pictures always speak genuinely from your heart, so I know that what you draw would also be the same. You would write on anything your pen would find and you still will be the same unique person that God made you to be…nice post my brother! Love and blessings always my friend!

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  14. I could do probably some days without it but not for long. Mind you I am going to Germany for a week and will not take my laptop, but my little nexus pad. I can do wordpress on there, not posts but read your blogs and answer comments. I shall try to do little as I will have a holiday.
    I love my computer and would be lost without it. I can’t live without Mr Google. This is today’s generation and we are, even if older like me, hooked! I don’t mind as it is so much fun!

  15. These are very insightful thoughts Alastair, that many of us think on when we write a post, share our thoughts and create friends in the cyberworld of being online.
    It isn’t an addiction as much as an excellent new connection, perhaps an exploration of ourselves while we reach out to others. Both the good and the bad experiences. It is about life, how we cope, how we learn, how we share and ultimately how we grow from the experience.

    Speaking for myself, I have met many wonderful new people (You for example), and even on the bad days, I feel a sense of connection to others (that are a little like you and I, creatively) that I didn’t have before. And I’m learning cool new stuff every day and seeing/hearing/reading more, from blog sites just like yours.

    If you do take a break, I hope you’ll be back soonest, dear friend of mine,
    Penny xo

    sorry about not commenting yesterday on your posts, just ran out of time with my day! πŸ™‚

    • First off … you don’t need to apologise for not commenting Penny. You have your own life, you have things you do in the “outside world”. You can’t comment on everybody’s blogs all the time. I understand that.

      As for a break from blogging, I am thinking that I will finish July so that I can post all the photos and allow people to vote whilst I am away. I have already scheduled next week’s photo fiction.

      I have eased a bit of my burden by deleting my Google+ account, as well as my Skype and other messenger programs. Makes it easier to stay in contact with people over limited mediums like (currently) Facebook, email, Twitter and the blog. Rather than adding another four areas of trying to keep up.

      • I apologized because I enjoy commenting on your posts Alastair, and it bothered me when I ran out of time. My online friends are as important to me as my offline ones are (some are more so, actually, lol) Sounds like a short break or cutting back, may be just the thing, but I will miss your posts, sigh! xo

        • Thank you, I appreciate that. I think I need to take a bit of a break before I antagonise everybody πŸ˜† I will be missing my friends, and I will miss your posts, but at least they will be there for when I come back. Unless I like the space too much and decide times up with blogging. Although it’s more than likely to be the case that I start screaming after a couple of hours and change my mind haha.

          I will still keep in touch with email though during that week. It’s this coming Thursday that I will be off from. I’m thinking of shutting down Facebook and Twitter for that time as well. Besides, it will give me time for my other things I need to do.

  16. Well there it there then. Well said. I am eager to look at those related links you have posted, as well. And I have always wondered what your voice sounds like!!

    Take the time you need, Alastair. I will miss you, and yet I understand and utterly empathize…and might just follow your example.

    • I was going to start it from tomorrow, but I feel I need to finish the month of photos first and put it to the vote. Alternatively, I could do that when I come back, and post the photos I took then.

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  18. Pertinent questions, Alastair and it brings fodder for thought. It’s a daunting task but not entirely impossible. Honestly, how I’ll survive, though. M very interested to do the prompt:)

  19. I’d like to say I’d do fine, but I think I would miss it a lot. I really enjoy the people connection. I have trouble with people face to face. Shy? No. Introverted? I don’t know. Maybe. But , here, it’s just different. I’d be a little lost, I’m thinking.
    Good luck if you give it a whirl.

    • Thanks. I’m tempted to take a week off to see how it goes. You never know, I may like it and quit blogging completely. Somehow I doubt that very much though

      • I just hate missing pix and info about the people I’m getting to know. But I’m do behind. Can’t seem to pull it together. Once I’ve looked and liked and read and commented, I’m all out if time to post myself. I need a plan!!!!
        Be waiting to hear how it goes-if you come back. Really? Come on! πŸ˜‰

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  21. I am already having some panic thinking about giving up my routine of blogging Alastair … and I’m sure I’ll be here plenty even through the medical stuff… but it’s a good post to think about. I don’t watch tv at all – so this is my favorite activity when I can’t be out and about. If you need a little break to recharge though – that is perfectly fine too. Ok – off to NYC ~ talk soon – Love, Robyn

  22. It’s incredible, Alastair, how are computer dependent.
    It would be very hard for me to say “STOP!” – From this point without a computer. I, with the help of the Internet and blogging, I have met wonderful people with whom I interact, exchange views and I really like it. I like to meet new people with healthy attitudes!
    I love the internet, I love the computer, they are for me two important factors for the development of my
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Alastair! πŸ™‚

  23. Dear Alastair

    I’m going batty without my laptop! Lol
    My net won’t be up for2 more weeks. Blogging off my phone sucks!! LMAO

    I actually am out and about a great deal. But. Blogging is addictive and I do it all through the night when I can’t sleep! Lol. Sad I know!! πŸ™‚

    You don’t need to hide my friend… words are powerful and you have many followers who like you for you…not what you look or sound like! Nite from Oz. Hugs Paula xxx

  24. I could not cope without my computer. The Internet..probably. However, I could cope quite easily without my TV. I’d do more reading, much more reading. I actually have been doing some serious thinking about getting rid of my TV πŸ™‚

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