Follow Friday: The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover is a group of florists who adore flowers. They give advice and love through flowers. They also give stories, videos, and some exquisite photos of flowers, all different types.

They feel that the life of flowers can influence our very lives as we live them. One of their best pages is “Heart Based Floristry

I would suggest going to have a look at their page and give them a follow.


The London Flower is all about you ‘Loving Flowers in a modern, creative practical way’. It’s all about feeling the difference that flowers make in peoples lives.

Because of that, we end up dealing with what people love the most. People, their business, their talents, their achievements, their families, themselves. We may be asked by a couple to create flowers for their daughters wedding to send out a clear message of pride and love, and then be asked to create reception flowers for a spa to create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Either way, we make a difference by listening closely and delivering.

This blog has been fun as we reflect on the fact that we often get to hear about sensitive  relationships and get asked about what they most  want to say through flowers.  We are very discrete as we consider that often love, either in terms of romance, admiration, appreciation, sympathy or some other expression of love comes up over and over again.

We also talk about the traditional flower giving times, like weddings, birthdays and so on and offer tips, suggestions and more.

That’s the  difference we make, bringing our listening ear, creativity and matching it to what our clients wants to say using  flowers.

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