Photo Fiction: The Squealer

Every week one of my photos is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction. A story, poetry or something similar with a word count of around 100-200. Take a look here if you wish to know more.

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The Squealer

Perry’s first day on the job and his assignment turned out to be the “squealer” as the others called it. The task seemed to be the most boring job he ever had the misfortune of having to do. G – Probably Gerald, George, Gunthrie, or something completely daft – took him through the routines of button presses.

“This button starts the spinning”, G explained. “This button makes it go up, this one – faster, this, this and this button make the chairs swing out.” Perry started losing focus as G pointed to buttons too fast, his hands moving quickly and his monotonous voice could easily cause an insomniac to fall asleep. “… and this one you never touch.” Perry shook his head, clearing the fogginess.  “I got it” he lied.

He watched the chairs fill with people as G stepped outside for a cigarette. He pressed the start button, and watched the chairs start spinning. Another button press, and the chairs raised, with the third speeding the lift. Then he started to lose which one came next.

Choosing a button at random caused a loud “CLICK” and the screams of joy changed to screams of terror as the chair catches released mid spin.

22 thoughts on “Photo Fiction: The Squealer

  1. haha–carnes are the same world over, it sounds like! What a fun read–I ate it up–and the picture! The kid in me wants to go on that–and the adult in me is wondering just how high up those chairs are!

    O M…G!!!

    • Thank you. I had to do a fair old reduction in words. Just removing a few details about what the buttons looked like, in what order etc. I did like writing it though. Thank you

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