Doctor Doctor Doctor

Need I say more? Incidentally, I have just purchased “Doctor Who – The Beginning” from Amazon

63 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor Doctor

  1. Little bit of trivia….The premiere did not air for 10 minutes because of the new coverage of the assassination of JFK that had happened the day before in the US. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of that event……….. :-/

            • LOL. I would like to get them all. Seasons 5 and 6 are right down in price now as well, so I am getting them for a friend’s kids for Christmas. She told me there is a webisode of Dr Who next Saturday that leads on to The Day of the Doctor

            • Now that would be an epic DVD collection to have on show! Lucky kids! I would love to have a bunch of seasons old and new all in one place for my greedy perusal. I shall keep an eye out for the webisode, cheers for the heads up, you and my Who obsessed cousin are my only conduits for Who at the moment as I doing my whole avoidance thingy.

            • I realised today as I commented on your The Daleks post – or it could have been your latest Dr Who one that the webisode will probably be the Children in Need one.

              I have Ecclestone right through to the end of Tennant. I want to get the others for myself as well.

            • Ah, that would make sense, I hope it comes up on YouTube pretty sharpish, I am unsure if BBC America will show it or not so I rely on YT to keep my fix up.

              I wasn’t a big fan of the earlier Matt Smith series the Clara part of the last series was very strong, so it’s typical he decided to leave when I thought the writing had finally given him the platform to be awesome.

            • Clara is fantastic. Cute as well, but a lot too young for me lol. She reminds me a little of Ace in her attitude. from what little I remember of Ace.

              I’ll post to the link to it as soon as I find out what it is.

            • Ah much appreciated! Ace was attitude personified lol. Thing is with Clara, how old is she in terms of split memories and things? It is yet another intriguing question you pose…this pleases me immensely…you always provoke my thoughts with a stick!

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