Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAGE.

I want to say first off that I am not a violent person.

This happened a long time ago, in another lifetime and on another planet. Or that’s how it seemed. At the time, I was 23, so it was half my life ago. I had met this girl who I had done something with that I had never done with a girl before. Over the next week, I moved to a different property, this one had a kitchen upstairs and my room was downstairs.

I was asked to go out ad help someone find their dog as it had slipped it’s lead and run away. While I was out, I confided in the person that I was with, that I thought there was something going on between Bella* and Edward*. I was told I was reading too much into it and that I shouldn’t worry.

After a couple of hours of searching, we could not find the dog so we went back to our own places and Bella* was there waiting for me with another of my friends … uhhhh … Darren* we’ll call him. Incidentally, I sent Darren* to the plumbers shop once with some money to buy a fallopian tube, but that is a different story. Edward* turned up and I went to make drinks and Darren* came with me. After making them, my gut told me to creep downstairs, so I did and found Bella* and Edward* locked in a passionate embrace. I didn’t care that I had just made these drinks, they both wore them.

The next day, I was at  work in a café, when Edward* came in to see me and asked if he could have a chat with me out the back. So I said yes, and he told me that he had been seeing Bella* for a few days already and that he was sorry. It was only one of two times that I have ever seen red. I know when someone came in, I had him by the throat up against the wall. I was told that his feet were off the ground, but I don’t know whether to believe that or not as the other person was known to exaggerate.

I did call the police and say a few things about Bella* and Edward* that made sure neither of them came back into the town for quite a long time. It was 1990, I was mad, I was taking things I shouldn’t have been. Him I have seen a couple of times since then, her I have never seen again.

*Names have been changed because I didn’t want to say Debbie and Richard. Or fallopian tube guy Dorian.

This photo of a raging sea was one that I took in January 2012.


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25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

  1. I’m glad you changed their names to protect the innocent. I can’t think of a time I actually blew my top. I’ve gotten angry and once I throw plant pots all over the house with the plants and dirt in them. More for a reaction then out of anger. It never happen again because I had to clean the mess up.

  2. Sometimes emotions get in the way and…Woops!
    Messed up that she cheated on you. Messed up when anyone cheats on anyone. I just don’t get it. Why not save a lot of grief & be upfront & just split up?

    • Exactly. I could never cheat on the person I was with. I know there are plenty who do though. I have had relationships with several of them lol

  3. Hi Al, thanks for sharing such insight into your life. You are very brave to re-account such instances. It’s a shame that you married such a person, that must have been awful for you. I hate violence too but there are times in my past life where I was backed into not be myself in that respect and it was a case of doing what I could to survive. Sometimes abusers don’t want to know any difference from the violence they push onto others and fighting back is the only way to make a stand. It doesn’t make me proud, it makes me feel that I was rubbish but I did the best I could do at the time and I am not that person any more and neither are you.

    • Very true. This was a long time ago. It is just a shame that my ex-wife was the same type of person. And I have dated several others who were the of the same ilk. Kind of puts it into perspective.

      BTW – You may want to look at my latest post.

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  9. Life sucks sometimes my good friend but the main thing to remember here is that these kinds of experiences build character and an awareness for the future.

    Bullies need to be confronted, they are often weak minded fools with an even weaker following but once challenged they soon back off. As for Bella / Debbie, you are better off without such a woman, though to be fair some men are just as cruel in the same set of circumstances.

    Innocently finding out about infidelity hurts, but it is better to know than to be continuously fooled by so-called-friends. Yes life sucks indeed…


    • It’s one of those that I never forget. Only twice have I been in that situation. The second time I was at work, and this guy had been bullying me for ages. Then one day he shoved me, and grabbed him and pinned him up against the back of the freezer. Neither of us saw that the boss was watching. His response was “Alastair, let him go. Ashley, you’re fired” That was earlier actually. 1988. Yes, I was living at home at the time and working in a butcher shop

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