Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.

Honesty is always the best policy, but there are times that the lips should stay firmly sealed either to protect someone. or stop them from being hurt. There is always the evasive response.

Does my bum look big in this?
You look good.

This avoids the question completely whilst making them think that you have given an answer. It protects their feelings. Especially if their bum looks a little large.

You catch your best friend’s spouse with someone.
I saw your other half with someone. 

This could be absolutely anything. Could be sorting out a surprise. Could be an innocuous meeting – two old friends. Saying something could cause problems that aren’t there. Better to find out first, and give them the option of saying to their partner.

Sometimes the truth is necessary to avoid, but an outright lie is never a good idea, and never will be.

To be unhappy with the truth is better than to be happy with a lie.


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54 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

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  3. Enjoyed this, Al 🙂 I would never ask anyone what behind me looks like. Don’t want to know!

    I strive for the truth, yet do recognise, truly, some people just cannot handle the truth, and then I use discretion.

    • Discretion is always a good thing to use. Especially when you know the truth will be devastating.

      I remember reading a Mad Magazine back in 1983 with Rehash of the Yeti in it. Their take on Return of the Jedi. Luke asks Yoda “Is Darth Vader my father?” and Yoda replies with “One of your parents he is, your mother he’s not”

  4. Honestly – I don’t know why anyone would ask if their bum looks big in something. You know if you have to ask that it does…Just sayin’.
    I guess I failed the sensitivity test – eh?
    But – I know what you mean. Sometimes you are damned if you do – damned if you don’t.

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  12. I love your question and answer with “Does my bum look big in this” or how do this new dress look like 🙂 I have learnt never to ask a man that question as I wouldn’t get an honest answer anyway…. I do understand that sometimes you have to be tactful. Better tactful than insulting. So better not ask this silly question… hehe

    • My daughter asks me if clothes look alright because she knows I will give her a proper answer. I won’t say “you are not wearing that” I will ask her if she thinks they go well together and that will put a doubt in her mind and she will go change 😀

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  15. great choice for a compare and contrast! Very astute. Also: I love how you Brits call an arse a bum…heHE! (see what I did there? I called it an arse…an’, pulled the ole switcheroo…?)

    sorry to swear all over your blog. Like Spanish, it does not look like swear words to me!! 😉

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  17. It is absolutely possible to be “too honest”. There are those who will tell you what they think whether you have asked for their opinion or not…then those who will tell you the truth when you ask for it. If you want a lie, don’t ask THEM what they think. There is something to be said for those who can be diplomatic in their opinions and answers when asked the important questions of life…”Do these pants make my bum look big?” 🙂

    • “Do these pants make my bum look big?”
      “No your bum makes your bum look big” 😉

      I have an aunt – well, she’s a friend of my mum’s who she called an aunt when she was a kid, so now we call her aunt as well – who will tell you the truth whether you ask her or not.

      “Hello, I saw your ex-wife the other day. She was snogging some man”She is a lovely lady though

      • LMAO! I had a grandmother like that……she is the one who passed in November at 98! She said exactly what was on her mind! You just had to take it with a grain of salt and go on. But I made a mental note to myself NEVER talk to Mimi while driving because she was likely going to say something that made me drive off the road!!! But I look at it this way…if you have lived that long, you have earned the right to say whatever is on your mind! 🙂

  18. oh yeah, the “how do I look in this dress” type of questions – tricky one – and you are right, our “honesty” can sometimes stir up trouble that isn’t even there, like with the spouse thing. Great post, blessings!

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