Photo Fiction: The Alley

Every week, you can find new photo prompts for photo fiction on a Sunday. If you want to have a go, then head through the link HERE or if you want to read other stories, then click on the blue cretinous creature just above the photo prompt.

42 01 January 12th 2014

The Alley

Dahlia called Dan over, pointing to the form at the end of the alley, half hidden by a tarpaulin. She had two of her arms huddled around her chest; she clasped the other two behind her head, pacing across the mouth of the alley. Tears streamed from all three eyes. “Please, don’t let it be him” she sobbed. Dan laid a hand on her as he walked past. “Call the Enforcers,” he said as he made his way to the far end.

Using a nearby brick, he broke the lock and opened the gate so he could reach the form under the sheet.  He could see the back of the head, and a blood pool under the cover. It looked sticky, so he guessed that the body had lain there for a while. He could hear Dahlia speaking on her phone to the Enforcers. Looking back over his shoulder, he made sure she stayed there as he moved the covering.

He staggered slightly as the head turned, “Help me!” implored the form. Dan squeezed his eyes closed and when he reopened them, the form remained in its original position. He could hear Dahlia at the far end as he removed the tarpaulin to see that the killer removed the upper eye, and amputated the lower arms.


You can read the full story HERE

27 thoughts on “Photo Fiction: The Alley

    • 😀 I wanted to call the police “Enforcers” rather than the “Police” as it is a different world 🙂 I now have to decide how I want to play this out, if Dan is a P.I. or something

  1. Yikers, what kind of monster would mutilate like that? This story has really developed an edge to it with events like this. You have the emotions runny high. Well done!

  2. I remember some of this…these characters…
    I missed last week so went with something totally different for this one. 🙂

    Someone was trying to craft your good folk into their own image…

    • Yep. The Earthers are still not happy, even 5 centuries later. They are split into two. Even the Vakarians have a sect who think that the war should keep going.

  3. I pause at she had two of her arms. What she had more than two. I was going to make a note to point that out to you. 😆 :blush: But then I read on and realized it was some kind of alien. Good stuff quite original.

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