Do You See What I Sea

Okay, so some of these titles are getting just a tad silly now.

Today, when I was looking out to sea, I noticed a lifeboat was out and about, and then noticed the small dinghy one and then the slightly larger than the dinghy one. One of two things was happening.

1. The smaller dinghy was dropping things in the water for the larger ones to try to pick up in the shortest amount of time in a training exercise.


2. People had dropped things in the water and they were cleaning it out. I am hoping that it is the former. So I took some photos. Carry on after this gallery …

Later on, my son pointed out that there was something rather large on the horizon. So I stuck the Β bigger lens on and took some shots. The vessel is about 15 miles away, and still the size is about the same as the lighthouse, so that thing must beΒ HUGE!

43 thoughts on “Do You See What I Sea

  1. Maybe the Dingy was bailing? As you say hopefully only putting what was allowed and not littering…was there a second boat?. The big guy – One huge freighter or a cruse ship?

    • Hi Heila. No, the dinghy was off to the side, and it was only there for a little while. The next time I saw it, was when I was back in the living room again looking out the window. I swear it did that to me on purpose πŸ˜‰

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