Jack Up Rig

I spent over an hour this morning trying to find a decent title for this post. I even used an anagram generator, but some of the words were far from flattering. So I decided to use the proper title for the ship I saw and posted yesterday.

Water 14

I did a search this morning for “Oil rig legs on a ship” then “On a vessel” and found a Jack Up Rig. It appears that this vessel is a Jack Up Rig. A ship that lowers its legs to the sea bed and then lifts the main vessel up above sea level. Because of what it is, it cannot go on its own. There is no propulsion so it needs another ship to pull it.

Water 15You can see the large ship in front that is pulling the rig.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia





56 thoughts on “Jack Up Rig

  1. That was super cool to watch and the music so appropriate!
    The guys in Oz that work on these rigs make a fortune. In saying that the conditions wouldn’t be for everyone. My son tried to get on one as a potato peeler! Haha Okay all veggies but he wasn’t successful. Cramped conditions and for long periods? Not for me. 🙂 But the money is very tempting to the naked eye! Loved loved loved the post, Alastair. Hugs Paula xxxx

  2. This made me swoon a little. I don’t know if you can swoon just a little, but I did it. I love this stuff. On a much lesser level, I just saw a big 5000 m3 tank being constructed from the bottom up. First you build the roof, and jack it upwards, then add the first layer of wall panels. Keep going like that, one wall layer a day, and you’re done in twenty or thirty days. It’s amazing how many incredible things people have invented.

  3. I feel like I was tricked into an educational moment of sorts… 😉
    Interesting how that works. And – still amazes me how something so big can move about the waters.

  4. [ Laughs ] Al, I never even thought about using an anagram generator to come up with a title for any of my posts; next time, take a hint from the keywords in your article; it is easier that way.

  5. Huh. Is that so the oil rig can be moved to the best spots to drill? or it’s too heavy regardless. We have oil derricks off our coast–4 of ’em–and like Huntington’s smokestacks–are a remarkable eyesore–whoops–landmark.

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