Friday Fictioneers: Run Girl, Run

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly photo fiction prompt hosted by Rochelle. If you want to have a go, take a look here. Or if you want to read some of the other 100+ stories, click on the toad.


Run, Girl, Run

The road ended and still she ran. She had to leap or skirt puddles, but that did not slow her down. She had to keep running, she knew stopping would be a huge mistake and she dare not look behind in case he closed on her. The exertion in her chest made her heart feel like it could explode at any moment, but she forced her legs to carry on, to keep going. Then she saw her safety, where she knew he could not reach her.

When she reached her destination, she turned and yelled “HA!” at her running companion

33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Run Girl, Run

    • Thanks Rochelle. I wanted to get this one in as I missed last weeks. With the launch of our new writing challenge this week, I almost missed it again.

      I was going to make it a Raynard chase and kill her at the end, then thought I would make it a friendly one at the last moment 🙂 I can be nice to my characters 😉

  1. Ha! Love how it twisted into a race at the end. I was ready for some slice and dice, then realized I was thinking of a story I would write, not someone sane 😉 Great job!

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