Haibun Thinking – The Love of Animals

This is my first post for the first Haibun Thinking – a new Haibun Writing Challenge. The choices were:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Monty and Ranger © Kathryn Forbes

Monty and Ranger
© Kathryn Forbes

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The Love of Animals

Life shows me how nature loves life.
I see seals playing with each other
I see giraffes with their necks intertwined.
Pachyderms wrapping trunks to tails

I see dolphins jumping together
I see bees entering and leaving their hive,
Ants walking side by side
Horses hugging each other

I see penguins walking together
protecting the young of others
Dogs running with other dogs
Cats playing rough and tumble

animals playing
humans killing each other
why can’t we get on

60 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – The Love of Animals

  1. I’m with you. I like the look of horses but I wouldn’t get one if you paid me. I liked your light hearted haibun and the way you turned it into a profound message in the end.

  2. The animal kingdom does what it needs to…we over consume…good subject matter brought to a fine Haiku conclusion.

  3. Animals do seem to know something we don’t. Like how to get us to open the food, clean up the poop and then leave them alone to have fun with their friends. LOL

  4. So very true. Nature seems to take care of itself and it is certainly survival of the fittest but man who can reason, seems to have the most difficulty with the natural order of things.

    • Oh I know that. Just not in the manner that humans do. Animals kill each other generally for food and don’t take out everything around them

      • I understand what you are saying…but you would be amazed at the animals (typically male) that do kill for dominance and taking over herds/packs and so on.

    • I don’t think I got around to commenting on your post. My page is still on it. I sat down with the kids and watched White House Down. I still have my comment ready to press enter on LOL

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