Challenge Wednesday – January 22

Every Wednesday, Jeremy invites us to create a story or a poem out of a choice of three lines of poetry. This week, the choices are:

but the larks fell silent – Red Rover by Connie Wanek
And what became of all those other boys – Erasers by Mary Jo Slater
spellbound by our own imperfect lives – Riveted by Robyn Sarah

If you want to have a go, head over there, Jeremy has a new challenge every day.


Jedra and Joseph ran home to their mama in tears. When their mama tried to calm them down, they both tried speaking at the same time through breathless sobs that had their mama holding her breath trying to give hers to her children.

“Jedra, Joseph … Stop!” She commanded and then all she could hear were the sobs and wheezing from her sons. She looked out the window at the plains, waiting for their friends to turn up. After a minute or so, she looked back to her lads with a worried expression, “… and what became of all those other boys?” she asked, fearing the answer. Their panic filled the room again as they pointed and squealed and tried to explain together.

“Joseph, just you” she said calmly, sitting down with him and rubbing his back to ease the airflow into his lungs. “I … I looked up, and there was this circle. It looked like a wheel lying down in the sky. Then … then … then this light camemememe on … annnd it … and they … and anddd they went, mama. They were g-g-gone.”

Mama rocked back onto her heels. So history repeated itself yet again.

34 thoughts on “Challenge Wednesday – January 22

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    • Thank you Courtney, that is wonderful praise. It is not hard to be as good as me lol but I think you should aim to be better than yourself that you were yesterday. And then tomorrow, better than you were today. The only person you should be in competition with, is yourself

      • You are pretty awesome….and you’re welcome Al! I do try to be better than I was before. I strive for authenticity and be the best “me” I can be. Otherwise I am no good to anyone else. It is a daily mantra to tell myself I am imperfect but I am enough. It is a journey I have been on for some time. My writing is part of that. I’m really not in competition (anymore) lol But I try to emulate and learn from others I admire 😉

    • Me too. I haven’t heard that name either. I’ve just done a search for it, and it appears to be a surname.

      I ran out of words to say about the era of this as well. I had an image of the middle ages as I was writing it. I think I will definitely have to write more in this. Thanks Jeremy

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