Photo of the Week: Week 4

I took this when we had a lot of rain. I tried playing with it to see what I could do with the colours, but in the end, I left it natural. I like seeing the reflection in the droplet. Trying to get close to it with the macro lens without disturbing it was fun though.

Week 4

44 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Week 4

  1. Wow amazing picutre. Did you have a thunderstorm today… was terrible , stormy and lots of rain. I just made it home before it started. It is quieter now….

    • We had a very brief storm. It last about 10 minutes but it was rather destructive as it went through. There were hailstones, thunder, lighting, bits came off of houses, bits of trees were destroyed, cars were difficult to control, car alarms were being set off,power fluctuations, and then it went as quickly as it started.

  2. Simple and delicate! Jewel jade! Nature does not lie, it gives us the most impressive works of art, if we want to see! Your image demonstrates this.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Alastair! 🙂

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