Sunday Photo Fiction: A Bridge, A Gruff and A Troll

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly photo prompt aimed at getting your creative juices flowing. If you would like to have a go, pop over there or click on the creature below and read what other people have written.

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44 01 January 26th 2014

A Bridge, A Gruff and A Troll

Pauley Gruff decided to walk a different way home today. Rather than the straight route through town, he decided to take his wife and son the more scenic route. Billy, his son, pointed to a bridge and yelped “wow! That bridge looks gorgeous daddy. Can we run across it? Can we? Can we? Canwecanwecanwe? Please daddy, please?” Billy’s mum, Goethe, smiled at him and told him that could and then linked her arm through Pauley’s and laid her head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, a creature leapt from underneath and landed in the middle of the bridge. “Stop right there little boy!” roared the beast, and Billy staggered backwards, falling over and crying. Pauley and Goethe ran up to their son.

“I’m sorry,” said the beast. I never meant to scare ya, “I was just playing. I’m a troll, see, and I have to leap onto the bridge whenever anyone comes by and demand something from them as payment.”

“What do you want?” asked Pauley, pushing his son and wife behind him.

“Hey, just because I am a troll, doesn’t mean I am nasty” the creature responded. “Law dictates I have to have payment. So shake my hand and off you go.”

47 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Bridge, A Gruff and A Troll

  1. I love your version of the old fairytale Al. No one gets hurt – especially little Billy. I’m glad his dad didn’t have to butt in the usual way 😀
    Hey, maybe you should rewrite all the old fairytales like that – it would make a great kid’s book.

    • Rather than Grimm’s fairy tales, could have Happee’s fairy tales hehe.

      Okay, let’s see. Beauty and the Beast.
      An old lady turns up at the castle and asks for food and shelter, so the prince says “okay, come on in”

      Red Riding Hood
      Going to grannies house, the wolf gets there first, when granny opens the door, she sees the wolf and puts down a bowl of dog food and the wolf is very happy.

      “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”
      “Does it matter? You are all beautiful on the inside”
      “Good point”


    • Haha thanks 😀 You are the first one that spotted (or said anyway) just who they were. I wanted to use Goat, but ended up using Goethe instead 🙂

  2. That troll’s a right gentleman, he is! Why in my day he’d take piece of ye. I guess they’ve gotten more agreeable these days. Question though. What if a chap ‘asn’t got no ‘ands to shake with?

  3. Canwecanwecanwecanwe – liked that, Al 🙂

    A lovely tale, though every time I read the word “troll” nowadays, I think of internet trolls. No-one’s gonna shake their hand.

  4. ohhh…not so gruff after all. Cool reinvention of this belubb’ed allegory/story/fable…hmmm…thing. In the version I knew, it was trip-trip-trip across the stage…you could be von tripp..tripp…tripp…? Is that English?

    H-e-n-n-yway. I like it. Once upon Al’s Stair….

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