CWG 5 Episode 13

I have not had any inspiration until I woke this morning. So I am only just now giving my first piece in this week’s Chain Writing Game, brainchild of Kerrie Salsac.

You can find the first parts by clicking on the froggy creature.


“No, the grenade you fool! Throw the grenade!” Kelly yelled. Panicking, Ben nearly dropped the explosive, but managed to toss it down the hallway. Kelly leapt on Ben, throwing him through the door and landing on top of him as the blast ripped through the corridor behind.

Ben looked up into Kelly’s eyes who looked back into his and smiled. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and stood up, extending a hand to help Ben to his feet. Blushing, he took it as she helped him up and then brushed himself down.

Wondering what else could go wrong, they glanced out the door and found out.

31 thoughts on “CWG 5 Episode 13

      • No problem, this episode came right after my second. I’m reading your second effort right now, then may use up my third or wait for the chance to knock someone off because I’m evil like that 😉 (Just kidding…Kerrie would kill me if I killed Ben or Kelly off 😀 )

  1. Woohoo! Glad to see you back in action Al. This is a good one. I like that Kelly and Ben’s relationship is revealing more and more. But now, I expect there are more monsters for them to kill.

  2. You found your muse! Looks like maybe Ben does have a chance with Kelly. Good job Tony’s toast, I think he could have thrown a spanner (or a bullet) in the works.
    Great cliffhanger!

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