CWG 5 – Episode 17

(Stole this intro from Eric)

Kerrie Ann Salsac’s Chain Writing Game continues in week 5. The game where each participant adds a piece of the story. Ben has a chance with the girl of his dreams, but what twisted events can change the story? What will happen? It’s all up to us who play the game to imagine what comes next!


“B-I-What’s?” Ben Asked.

“Biological Infiltration Units” Kelly repeated slowly. “Look, Ben I’m sorry. At this moment, there isn’t the time to explain. We need to contain or kill them before they get loose on the streets and start ripping up innocent people.”

“But I’m an innocent people!” he replied. “All I wanted to do was come over and ask you for coffee. Now I want to know what a second date involves”

Kelly burst out laughing. “If we survive this, it’s dinner, my treat. In the meantime, this gun – just like a computer mouse – safety off then point and click.”

15 thoughts on “CWG 5 – Episode 17

  1. I just love the way everyone building Ben into the comedic sidekick. Hilarious. Great job with “I’m an innocent people.” You had me rolling there. This was a great episode with lots of highlights. Great one Al!

  2. [ Smiles ] Very nice work from, Eric.

    By the way, Al, “Thou shalt not steal.”

    Please, don’t be offended by my humour, my friend; it just that when you said, “I stole this intro from Eric,” I felt that I had to share my brand of humour with you.

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