Stay Strong Even When It Feels Like Everything Is Falling Apart

Since returning to Facebook today, I decided to look at a few inspiration quotes and a couple of them I don’t agree with. For example:

If someone did something bad enough to make you remove them from your life,
don’t be foolish enough to invite them back in.

I feel this sees no forgiveness. What if the other person made a mistake? What if there was something going on in their life at that time? I have let people back in after they did something bad enough for me to walk away. It is called turning the other cheek. I am not saying to trust them with the security codes to your heart; I am saying let them in the front door. One step at a time. If you don’t forgive anyone, you will end up being a lonely person. Everybody does something wrong, everyone will upset someone. Every single one of us has hurt someone who has since taken them back. I know I have. Admittedly, there are some things that can never be forgiven, and that is understandable.

Forgive. You will find yourself a lot happier for it.

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45 thoughts on “Stay Strong Even When It Feels Like Everything Is Falling Apart

  1. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    “A’s” positive motivation was the first thing I read this morning and I always love them I know you will too if you haven’t checked his blog out you should! He is one of my very first friends I met here and I love that about long time friends! 😄💗

  2. I always used to say “I can never forgive until I forget” – I’m not that strict anymore, however, it’s going to take more than just “sorry.” I need to *see* that you’ve made an effort to change your ways… and you only get so many chances to prove it too.

    For example… I don’t think I could *ever* allow my former stepson back into my life. He’d have to do a hell of a lot to prove to me he’s changed. I’m not going to be suckered in by “I’m trying to be a better person”

  3. I just wanted to say ‘Thanks Al’ for your recent likes to my mad bunny-fest! I read your last quote and thought,’I know what this means’. For the last year or so I have been typing all sorts about all sorts to just my computer and a handful of people have given a reaction by hitting the like button. So often I feel so disconcerted, but haven’t given up, I know I have almost a hundred followers on WordPress, but rarely see them respond, so it means so much to me that people are out there and reading what I do. Put into context I am not important and wouldn’t want to think I am, people are suffering, others have immense things to offer to the world and can share them easily, but to me, to get an extra like button does mean a lot, So Thank You. As ever I am so in awe of all the different things you get up to on and around WordPress. Hope your children and You are all doing fine 🙂

    • Thank you for that Caren. It is a pleasure to visit your blog. I was getting ready to shut down for the night and so was deleting the emails that I wouldn’t have time to go and visit, and I saw “last of the bunnies” and thought that I could not miss them. They are so cute 🙂

      I know some people like things via the reader, but I prefer the more personal touch of going into the page itself. I enjoy your blog, so thank you Caren

      • I very much appreciate that Al. At the moment I am so tired I have reverted to wearing this silly pair of magnifying glasses to read you reply, it has been such a heavy day and gosh do I ever look like a dork! My mother bought them from the pound shop! I could scare away any intruder in these!! But once again it mean so much to me that someone out there does actually see and read me.
        One more thing I love he duck but you are so much more a goose 🙂

          • I really look forward to that. I have so much got to go to bed now I am a ”spectacular” wreck but so good to chat with you 🙂 These magnifiers are coming off right now sexy they are not. ”OMG wehare has they page fone” Ok I admit I put them back on for a mo and found the page again! Goodnight Al here’s to better eyesight in the morning 🙂

  4. Forgiveness is a great virtue and forgetting mistakes after forgiving them is much greater one ! The quote you read on face book makes no sense I guess, It should be like
    ““If someone did something bad enough to make you remove them from your life, don’t be foolish enough to close all doors on them”

  5. “Your greatest test is when you are able to bless someone else while going through your storm!” This one (well all of them) really, REALLY hit home with me. A very long friendship has be dissolved recently because I could not take anymore of their narcissistic attitude. Even though they were going through a hard time, they were completely insensitive and oblivious to anyone ELSE’S trials. If it wasn’t about HER…she didn’t care. Just because you have your own “storms” does not mean you cannot be there for someone else. I have been down this road with her on more than one occasion AND I have “turned the other cheek”. I have not really trusted her for some time but I did let her back into my life….. but now….I’m done! 😦
    I hope you are having a good Monday~

    • I can understand that. I look at it that there is always someone worse off than me. Someone I know is like your friend. Every time they phone either myself or my sister, we wonder what is going to be said, and if we comment about someone else’s illness, it has to be turned onto her. If she were not the one who gave birth to us both, then we probably wouldn’t talk to her. Sometime you want someone to say to you “You’ll be fine – I know, I’ve been there”, not “don’t worry about that, think about me!”

  6. “If someone did something bad enough to make you remove them from your life,
    don’t be foolish enough to invite them back in.”

    The way I see this it is about learning from our mistakes and some people we bring into our lives can be mistakes. We may forgive that which hurts us but we need to not forget and make sure we don’t open the door to invite that hurt in again.

    • Exactly. And festering anger is not pretty. Mind you, neither is festering milk, I know – I found it in my daughter’s room lol

  7. “If someone did something bad enough to make you remove them from your life,
    don’t be foolish enough to invite them back in.”
    I always forgave this kind of people in my life and nothing changed in their side… They can’t see what’s wrong with them… So I changed and I don’t forgive them anymore… I am tired because of them!!!! But of course everybody has a second chance…. but not more!

    Thank you dear Al, love, nia

    • I believe everyone is entitled to a second chance as well, Nia. My ex-wife cheated on me, and I forgave her. After the second time, I could not.

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