Tuesday Conundrum – A Gun To The Head

Jeremy’s Tuesday Conundrum screamed to me as soon as I saw it today. The prompt is in bold during the poem. All images are from Wikipedia. With the exception of Jeremy’s logo of course.


.22 and no one to hear
7.62 and no one to come near

.177 a crack hard to explain
5.56 creates more than just pain

.45 creates worry on the face
9.3 leaves only an empty space

.400 and there’s no going back
10.4 sounds like a thunder crack

14.5 leaves nothing but death
12.7 and no drawing breath

Guns by the gauge and guns by the bore
Guns in the hands of all, not only in war

Weapons leave nothing but a path of the dead
We may as well all be holding a gun to the head

© A Forbes 2014

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Conundrum – A Gun To The Head

    • Thanks Karen. Yeah, I hate guns. And not because i have used them. I hate them for what the projectile coming out the other end can do

      • 😦 It’s sickening. I wanted to put across that there is a side effect to guns that people don’t tend to think of. I have used gat guns, air rifles, air pistols and the L1A1 assault rifle. The damage each of them can do is stupid. Even the gat gun that I used to just fire chewed up rizla­ papers, they could still hurt.

  1. I don’t like violence at all, so I found it difficult to even read this. I love London, but the police with their big guns do make me feel worried, even though they are meant to be protecting us.

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