Challenge Wednesday – 29 January

Every Wednesday, Jeremy invites us to create a story or a poem out of a choice of three lines of poetry. This week, the choices are:

Finished forgetting not to be – Series by Geoffrey G Brian
I see words and I see things – A Translator’s Dilemma by Ann Lauterbach
with a single boneless kiss – Worst Things First by Mark Bibbins

If you want to have a go, head over there, Jeremy has a new challenge every day.



You can find part 1 of this story here.

Mama stood and paced the room with the only sounds being her children trying to control their breathing. She stopped and knelt before the boys again. “Jedra, how did the boys disappear?” she asked the younger of the two.

Jedra gulped audibly and took a breath. “We  … we played and then the light, and … and … they stretched.” Mama could see the memory terrified him, but she needed the details if she hoped to retrieve them. Having seen something similar before, she needed an idea of which ones she now faced. She raised an eyebrow at Jedra indicating for him to continue. “Their heads went up and then the rest of them followed. They springed upwards and just … they went; they disdappeared.”

Mama nodded. Now she knew her enemy. A previous encounter with these had left her near death, and she did not relish another incident, but these boys needed her help. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, allowing her negativity to leave her.

“Boys,” she said, carefully picking what she planned to say. “I am different to most people. I see words and I see things. I am not like you”

15 thoughts on “Challenge Wednesday – 29 January

  1. This tale is getting better and better, bro, and nice how you are linking into last weeks challenge too, real nice touch.

    As a side, the challenge is everyday except Sunday as I do a quad challenge on a Saturday to cover the weekend and give me a day purely for my own writing – well that is the theory at least

    Thank you for playing


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