CWG 6 – Episode 10

The Chain Writing Game hosted by Kerrie Salsac is in week 6. Come and have a go if you think you’re brave enough.


The woman led Jadir through the woods in a seemingly random direction, but she appeared to know exactly where to go. She grunted and waved Jadir on. As they ran a little faster, they heard a growl and a snarl off to the right. He did not want to look, but curiosity beat him and he looked and promptly wished he happened.

A small shriek escaped him as he saw a nanotyrannus bearing down on them. The powerful jaws had pieces of meat hanging from them and the speed it was closing, he did not think they would make it to where the girl was leading them.


Nanotyrannus (meaning tiny tyrant”) is a problematic genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur, and is possibly a juvenile specimen of TyrannosaurusNanotyrannus is the smallest known tyrannosaurid and was one of the last tyrannosaurids to before the Cretaceous Teritary Extinction, the K-T event.[1

21 thoughts on “CWG 6 – Episode 10

  1. I am LOVING the prehistoric creatures. Not only is our story action packed and exciting, but I am learning along with it 😀
    How on earth are they going to survive with a Nanotyrannus on their tail???

  2. Wow, this is one dangerous place to be! I hope help is not far away.
    I love the description of the nanotyrannus – “problematic”! It’s probably very problematic when it has its teeth clamped around your leg 🙂

  3. I agree with Eric. You’ve been a part since the beginning, and I don’t understand why anybody would get miffed over anything. Besides, I’ve probably miffed a lot of people by killing their characters 😉 I’d never heard of any of these animals before this story, so it’s very interesting to me! Great add-on 😀

  4. How cool! Everyone is providing background info on their creatures. I like it! This is not only fun, it’s educational. And poor Jadir is chased yet again. I wonder if the bear powder works on nanotyrannis. Way to keep our hero running, Al!

    • I didn’t want to use something standard like a velociraptor Nearly everyone knows about them because of Jurassic Krap. So by using a new one, I thought I would do what you and others have done, and that is give information on them. Although I appear to have miffed at least one person, so I may take a break until the next story

      • Hmm. I must have missed something. I didn’t see where anyone was miffed. But don’t bow out. You’re an important part of the gang!

        Love the Nanotyrannus and the background, although I’m quite familiar with it (Dinosaur fan here).

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