Screen Borrow Cyberland Book 2 – A Review

I did not realise that I had not reviewed this book as I promised the author I would. I finished this book in November 2013 and I really liked it.


Screen Borrow is the second book in the Cyberland series by Karen Robiscoe. It follows the journey of Link and his escapades after being unwittingly sucked into a computer and then kicked out again in the first book – Through the Monitor.  At the end of the first book, Link and a few friends are printed out, and another person joins them who is none too happy. The only way they can avoid him is by getting back inside Cyberland and either getting away from him or defeating him.

Link makes new and amusing friends in this book. This book is written with Karen Robiscoe’s brilliant humour and will have you laughing aloud as you are reading it. You will also be groaning at the antics of Link who is now becoming used to differences between the corporeal world and digital world. There are many more adventures for him to go on and new areas for him to glide through. There are some that you will recognise instantly, and some that you will only realise once you have passed that part of the book.

It is an enjoyable and fast read, and one that is worth reading again, along with the first one, just before the author releases the third and final book in the trilogy. If you like computers, and you like humour, then this book is definitely one that you should have in your library.

You can buy Screen Borrow from Smashwords

14 thoughts on “Screen Borrow Cyberland Book 2 – A Review

  1. Oh U!

    U u U u…U!

    Thank you so much! What a wonderfully written post…really polished and perfect and titillating without spoiling. Now I want to read this!! oh ho ho ho…well a litttle…:)

    thank you Alastair. Such an awesome shot in the arm for me…:)

    I cannot emogee enough for sure….

    • I thought I had already written a review which is why I didn’t do one sooner if you get what I mean. It wasn’t until I looked at the reviews on my Goodreads on the side and then went in search of it that I realised I hadn’t. So I reviewed here, Goodreads and Smashwords. Will do it on Amazon as well if you decide to have it there

      • Jaysus. If there could be bajillions of ye…:) I am super happy and humbled that you would go to such an effort, Ay. Thank you a LOT Alastair!! So much!! It really helps–all these things are key to moving forward–upward–onward–

        as for the Amazon beast…I’ll put that bug in the bonnet for later!! 🙂 🙂

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