Friday Fictioneers: Lights Out

It has been about three weeks since I took part in Friday Fictioneers. I have been very busy with the new Haibun Challenge, but after going out in the wild weather today, I have decided to just relax and not do a lot of blogging. I felt I needed to do this today though, or I would forget again.

If you want to know about Friday Fictioneers, head over to Rochelle’s pad and take a look. If you want to see what others have written based on the photo prompt, take a look at the frog’s pad.


He watched her from across the street, and saw the lights outside her house. He knew this one would be good. He watched her as she moved room to room, and then he pressed a button on his remote, causing all of the lights, outside and in, to extinguish at once.

Pocketing the controller, he strode across the road as she opened the door and looked down the street. She flicked the switch up and down, testing the lights. He called to her, politely asking if he could help, stating he worked as an electrician. Inviting him in, she showed him the fuse box.

Then Raynard pounced.


You can find Raynard’s full story here..

71 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Lights Out

  1. Aha!Even Raynard has to take recourse to technology to ensnare his victim!She deserved to be pounced upon with that kind of stupid behavior ;-)Loved the word “pounce” and great to see Raynard back-enjoyed this Al 🙂

  2. After reading your interesting and well-written story, I found the previous stories about this vampire and intend to read them all. The moral of this story is to not let unknown people into your home. They might be vampires. Don’t take the chance!

  3. I will be the first one jumping up and down when we reach an over night temperature above zero. This winter has been pretty rough here. Even this week, every night and early mornings are zero or below. Sick of it. Bring on Spring!!!

    • Thank you Helen 🙂 He started on my very first go at Friday Fictioneers. He’s like an old friend now. Admittedly, the kind of friend who you would prefer to be on the other side of the planet 😉

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