The gang, of boys and girls storm from the cafeteria double doors and run straight to the picnic table just a few feet from Pansy

“Something smells around here.” Says Billy holding is nose up and sniffing the air.

“You’re right Billy. I smell something funky too,” says Sam.

“Look its’ stink weed,”

They laugh and run to the other end of the field.

Pansy washes every morning even when the hot water is off. If you don’t have deodorant and you have to wear the same dirty clothes every day there’s really not much she could do about her odor.

Billy grabs his neck and starts gagging. Someone throws sweet sticky liquid on her. Another person throws potato chips. They all laugh and point at her. Pansy is use to the abused its been going on since she started school. Yet tears fill the well of her eyes and…

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