Birds of a Feather

Today while I was out, I decided to buy a cheap packet of biscuits and antagonise the birds and maybe have some eat out of my hands but there was a loud bang and the pigeons flew off. Then I went down to the edge of the river which was much higher than it should have been. Seagulls started attacking the ducks so I grabbed two large biscuits and threw them so that the gulls would fight over them and I could concentrate on the ducks.

The last seagull photo, I took when I was photographing the waves. It was going to be my photo of the week, but I have another for that now.

41 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

    • I don’t know. I looked around but didn’t see anything. At first I thought it may have been two cars colliding, there was nobody milling round anywhere or heading to one place.

      Thanks Ernest.

    • They do. When I feed them on my balcony, the only things they are in competition with is other seagulls. The ducks were great though. Especially when the odd bit would land on a back and they would spin wildly trying to get to it. That was funny 🙂

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